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What would you give up for a trip to the Final Four?

Take my roommate. Take my money. Take all of my free time. What could possibly spark students to say they would give up their most coveted belongings-Duke basketball of course!

"I think I'd be willing to quit smoking-maybe," junior Nicole Kirshner said.

From money, to bad habits to friendships, you might be surprised at what die hard Blue Devils are willing to give up in order to see, in person, their Dukies take on the Maryland Terrapins.

"I'm so proud of my boys," said Samuel Fischer of Perkins library shipping and receiving. "I'm very proud of Duke basketball, and I think I might be willing to give up a week's pay to see the game."

Money was a popular article to be quickly abandoned in exchange for a trip to Minneapolis, but housing also often made students' list of items they would barter.

"I'd definitely trade my room in Edens," junior Susannah Schmid said.

Some feel they have already made this trade, referring to the recent basketball tenting period, but they would be willing to do it again for an even longer period of time.

"I'd trade my dorm room for the rest of the semester and live outside or something," said freshman Scott Rosenblum, alluding to his recent Krzyzewskiville experience.

In addition to a place to live, some agreed to give up other necessities of life, including food. "I think I'd fast for a while to get to go," freshman Jason Laderman said. "I don't know how long though."

And while it may not be as essential as food and shelter, coveted vacation time seemed to be worth the chance to cheer on the Blue Devils in person. "If I could get to go to the game, I'd be willing to give up my week at Myrtle at the end of the year," freshman Alice Hammer said.

Some members of the University's staff echoed this campus sentiment. "I think I'd give up my office vacation time," said Sara Ashenburg, program coordinator at the Nicholas School of the Environment.

Other things that fans would be willing to give up for a trip to the Final Four include partying at Duke, roommates and hometowns.

"I'd let all of New Jersey fall into the ocean for a chance to go to the game," freshman Brock Pearson said.

For some students, like those who hail from Maryland, the game holds higher stakes, and they are willing to give up a bit more to watch their Blue Devils triumph. "I would trade all of my friends from Maryland," freshman Amy Harris said. "I'm from Maryland, and all of my friends and family have bets going."

Senior Allison Hsiao does not plan to go to the game, but she has already made one big sacrifice in light of the Blue Devils' future opponent. "My dad went to Maryland, and year after year it's a conflict," she said. "I won't talk to him until after the game is over."

Looking ahead to the championship game, some students anticipate a rivalry just as tomorrow's semifinal game. "I think that my parents would root for State just to spite me," said freshman Tyler Helble, whose father works at Michigan State. "All of my friends go to State, and I'll get slaughtered with e-mails if Duke has to play them and we lose."

Still, some students would not give up anything to see the game because they would rather be on campus to experience the excitement that accompanies Duke basketball.

"I'm just going to enjoy watching it in Cameron," freshman Brad McDowell said. "I'm looking forward to getting to watch it with everyone together."

But in the end, it seems as if most would give up just about anything, including the reason they became Blue Devils in the first place.

"I'd trade my diploma," said alumni Sid Kamaraju, Duke class of 2000. "I think it's worth that."


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