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Support of same-sex unions offends many students

I am writing this letter in reference to the Duke Conservative Union's advertisement that appeared in The Chronicle on Nov. 2. I am aware that the issue of homosexual unions in the Chapel is a contentious issue and I apologize in advance for offending anyone who might disagree with the position that I will take.

I do not worship in the Chapel but I am writing this letter because I believe this issue is important to the Duke community and many student are afraid to speak their minds because they are afraid of being seen as politically incorrect. I believe that DCU's letter presents a coherent argument addressing the issue of approving civil unions in the Chapel. I believe that Duke Student Government representatives do not have the mandate to legislate on an issue that affects alumni and other members of the Durham community that get married in the Chapel.

DSG should stick to legislating on issues that affect the students, such as the basketball tenting policy or alcohol consumption. If North Carolina passes a law that allows gay marriages, I believe that the Duke should then follow law. Even then, before changing the Chapel's stance on gay marriage, the issue should be voted upon by the entire Duke community. At the present time, when the marriages are not recognized by this state, Duke should not divide its student body and should recognize the fact that the Chapel is a pluralistic institution which represents all of the religious beliefs of the Duke student body.

By supporting gay unions, the administration will offend a large portion of students who believe that homosexual unions are not in accordance with the sanctity of marriage and Judeo-Christian standards of morality. I really hope that the administration will examine both sides of the issue and not make a decision until the time comes when the state recognizes the legality of homosexual unions.

Scott Finkelstein

Trinity '03


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