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Chapel's ban on homosexual marriage lacks logic

In response to a letter printed in the Sept. 27 issue of The Chronicle, I would like to refute the analogy provided and urge that this view of intolerance be re-evaluated.

The analogy of same-sex marriage in the chapel to football players in Cameron stadium can be aptly labeled humorous. The assertion that the Chapel represents heterosexuality as Cameron Indoor Stadium represents basketball demonstrates a lack of logic.

This so called analogous discrimination against football players truly minimizes both the importance and complexity of this issue. Along the same lines of logic followed in this analogy, girl's bathrooms would be discriminating against boys by not allowing them in.

Obviously, having same-sex unions in the Chapel is a little bit more challenging than this.

What this issue asks is a fundamental question that as a society we must deal with. Just because tradition calls for the maintenance of a certain set of beliefs, does that mean that we must agree with those beliefs?

How many institutions have been made better because they have been changed? Though some churches may look down on same-sex unions, it does not mean that we should support that outdated view.

As we continue to equalize men and women as well as a variety of different ethnicities and religions, we would be only cheating ourselves to overlook a group that is still greatly prejudiced against.

We can celebrate our differences without ostracizing a certain group of people because of their sexual orientation, the language they speak or the color of their skin. One cannot only learn a tremendous amount from differences in viewpoints, but variety in people is what makes life interesting.

The Princeton Review recently rated Duke University the number four college where "alternative lifestyle is not an alternative." Is this what we want our university to be known for?

Certain students, faculty and administration can work together to represent Duke not only as a great research university and a great place for basketball, but also a place where religion, ethnic background and sexuality are not discriminated against, but seen as a valuable and much needed diversity.

Jessica Rutter

Trinity '04


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