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STONE COLD draws more sophomore criticism

I'll keep this short and sweet, for unlike STONE COLD, I needn't fill a half-page with vitriol in order to make a point.

His Monday, Monday column this week was quite the impressive amalgam of perfect put-downs and instant insults, but the underlying message I drew from it was quite disheartening-the pen is mightier than the sword, but even the most bitter and judgmental among us many brandish it.

I wish he'd spare his ink. The random, incoherent smattering of isolated examples of sophomore incompetence made an unconvincing argument, especially to this grade-A member of the palindrome class.

STONE COLD attacked Trinity sophomore Jay Strader for his apparently unenlightened comments, yet STONE COLD failed to realize that his own broad dismissal of 1,700 of his fellow students constituted a similar reliance on unfounded stereotypes.

It is unfortunate that STONE COLD has deadlines to keep, but here's a hint about material-you needn't leave your room to make an uninformed decision.

If I were him, I'd stay planted before my monitor. No one ever said humor is easy, but we all know ignorance is bliss.

Tim Perzyk

Trinity '02


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