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Freed from classes, fun-lovers gather for hurricane festivities

KILGO QUADRANGLE - While Hurricane Floyd's incoming rain and wind produced rampant fear in many North Carolinians, the storm provided a relaxing evening for most University students, who took the opportunity to catch up-some on their studies and, for many, on their drinking and socializing.

In Stonehenge and Cleland dormitories, many doors were swung open, and the sound of TVs seeped into the halls. "We're hanging out," explained engineering sophomore Kathryn Klima, who was in the midst of watching The Cutting Edge with a few friends.

She added that the class cancellation definitely affected her night. "I'd be working," she said.

Other students, however, did not differentiate class cancellations and the incoming storm from a typical evening. engineering junior Ravi Baji explained that he was "just studying in my room actually, not doing much." His roommate, however, had a friend over and they appeared to have less studious ideas in mind for their evening, as no books were in sight.

Across the quad, in stark contrast to the rather subdued scene at Cleland and Stonehenge, the revelry was in full swing at Alpha Tau Omega.

"We're taking this opportunity to create brotherhood between fraternity [members], independents and housekeepers," said ATO President and Trinity junior Jason English.

"Our housekeepers told us that they have to sleep here so we told them to have a few beers, have a good time and relax," English said.

Victor Johnson, House K's housekeeper, explained that Duke had requested his overnight stay to ensure his presence the next morning. "These are not bad kids...," he said. "Even if Duke didn't provide a place for me to sleep, they would."

It was primarily students, however, who jammed the hallway as many of the ATO members, decked out in robes and smoking pipes, strolled the hallways as part of a Playboy Mansion theme party planned before the storm. Along with the robed men, some of the women in attendance were wearing bunny ears and tails.

Trinity senior Bud Ervin, said that one of the purposes of the evening's festivities was to "alleviate cabin fever," as many of the students did not want to go outside. Ervin explained that he had gone running in the rain of Hurricane Fran as a freshman and that he was being much more careful this time. "Drunken debauchery is better indoors during a hurricane than outdoors," he said.

Some at the party were unconcerned about the safety implications of such a storm. "ATO is stronger than the hurricane," explained Trinity junior Wes Goodner. "I still have to go out and run [Thursday] for baseball."

Others, though, recognized the value of staying inside. "We've been to four parties and we haven't had to go outside, so it's safe," said Trinity sophomore Amanda Smith, who added that she was supposed to have a quiz at 8 a.m. Thursday.

Out on the quad, the screams and shouts coming from Clocktower at midnight could be heard on much of main West, as the 15 to 20 mud sliders took advantage of the light rain. "Hurricanes rule!" explained one reveler, putting his hands up in the air. Others continued their clothes-dirtying party by diving across the quad slip-and-slide style.

While the quad had quieted down by 1:30 a.m., and the wind picked up slightly, some students still wanted to enjoy the rain. "How many times do you get to slide in a hurricane?," asked Trinity sophomore Adam Blitzer.

Others just wanted to go out in the storm. "Basically there's a party at Erwin Square, and after that some kids stayed there. A bunch of us plan to go out around two or three to see what its like," explained engineering sophomore Jeff Earhart, as he purchased two Snapples outside Sigma Nu. "I don't think it's really a big deal, I think it'll be good time."


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