She came to cut you up, she came to knock you down. Shirley Manson and her entourage, better known as Garbage, are here to tear your little world apart by bringing their Version 2.0 tour to the Ritz in Raleigh this Saturday with the Washington, D.C., band Girls Against Boys.

In case you're unfamiliar with Garbage's music, it's a loud, thick mix of heavy guitars, electronic drum loops and Shirley Manson's vocals. Garbage's live shows don't sound too much different from their studio work, but there are other factors that go into putting on a live show. Fans should expect not only to be impressed by Manson's on-stage presence, but to be totally dominated by the self-proclaimed supervixen. Even as her cohorts attack their guitars, smash their drums, and stir the crowd with their music, all eyes will be fixed on Shirley as she struts the stage, stops to pose, and of course, sings her songs. Hits from Version 2.0, Garbage's second release, like "Push It" and "I Think I'm Paranoid" will get the house jumping. Older, more familiar hits, such as "Only Happy When It Rains," "Queer," and "Stupid Girl," will undoubtedly keep the crowd on its feet and singing along. And even newer, less recognizable material, like "Temptation Waits" and "Special," will definitely rock the audience. Unfortunately, Garbage's tamer, slower material will probably calm the crowd down and stop the show's momentum. It is recommended that you take your bathroom break during "Thirteen," but hurry back before they kick in with another winner.

The band itself deserves much credit for creating the music that will awe the crowd, but in the end, it is Shirley Manson who stands alone at the top. Her voice captivates audiences, whether she screams, whispers, or does anything in between. She'll dance, she'll pose, she'll even make lewd gestures now and then. Why? Because she's Shirley Manson, and she came to shut us up, she came to drag us down, she came to tear our little world apart-and we'll like it.


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