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Trash build-up mars campus beauty

As a freshman, I am continually awed by the beauty of our campus, especially in the spring. But as delighted as I am that warm weather is here to stay, I am continually disappointed by the apathy of so many students in preserving this beauty. By noon each sunny day the quad lawns are filled with students, and shortly thereafter the quads are filled with trash. As the afternoon wears on, styrofoam containers, napkins, cups, bottles and newspapers litter the benches, the lawns and the greenery of West Campus. This irresponsibility is disrespectful not only to fellow students, but to the workers who must come along behind us and clean up. Unlike many of the problems that plague our university, however, this one has a simple solution. Clean up after yourself. Encourage your friends to do the same. If the nearest trash can is overflowing, find another one. And if the wind is blowing, be smart. Don't place your napkins and newspapers on the ground. Such simple acts can make a world of difference to those of us who don't enjoy a trash-filled campus and those whose efforts to clean up are refuted every day.

Kerry Garland

Trinity '98


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