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SOC needs input for fee reorganization

We agree with you! For the past two years, it has appeared that students, organizations, and the SOC have been at odds over the ways funds have been distributed. The recent failure of another Student Activities Fee has reaffirmed our belief that a better system must be created. The problem, however, does not lie in the people who make up the SOC. In reality, an antiquated, unresponsive system in the by-laws of ASDU has presented and preserved Duke's inefficiency in student organization funding. Now, as students have cried out for change in student government, DSG has committed to revolutionize student funding immediately.

Over the past months, we have been considering various ways of cutting bureaucracy, improving efficiency, and creating a friendly partnership between organizations and the student government. These discussions can't change anything without the input and ideas of those involved in the budgeting process. The best way to change the SOC is to let those who have been frustrated with the SOC to get involved. The reform must be an open and honest process of hearing complaints, addressing them, and creating alternatives using this system we hope to radically change the way student funding looks.

To do this, we encourage all club presidents, club treasurers, and students who are committed to seeing a change to attend a town meeting on student funding to be held Tuesday, April 13, at 7:30 p.m. in Room 136 Social Sciences. An open forum will allow student to vent frustration, give suggestions, and direct the process. The student activities fee is your money. Now, you have a chance to say how it will be administered.

It seems like 1993 has been a year about change. A new University president a new student government will definitely create a different atmosphere at Duke next fall. Let's work together to make student activities funding another fundamental building block to a new, improved University experience.

Valerie Steer

Trinity '94

Chairman, SOC

and two others


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