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Dangers lurk on Central

This is a letter to everyone on campus, and especially to those on Central Campus. Recently I had an experience that has opened my eyes to one of the dangers of living on Central.

One night as I was visiting one of my neighbors, I left the door unlocked. I had become accustomed to leaving the door unlocked for short periods of time. This was my first mistake. On my way back, I saw an intruder in my apartment through my window. I quickly went upstairs to investigate further. This was my second mistake. I accosted the intruder and started to argue with the person, thinking somehow I could handle the situation. This was my third mistake. As I was arguing with the intruder, I realized the potential for danger and harm. He could have had a weapon, or could have taken aggressive actions.

Luckily nothing was stolen, no harm was inflicted, and the intruder was caught by Public Safety a short time later. In hindsight I should have locked my door, called Public Safety when I first saw the intruder, and not risked confrontation and possible harm.

To everyone on campus, and to those who will be living on Central during the summer, lock your doors, be alert for suspicious people, and most importantly, be careful.

Joe Ahn

Trinity '95


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