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Bench vandalism angers fraternity men

I would like to speak to the people who are conducting the hate campaign against the Duke University fraternities.

From what I can gather, you believe that fraternities generally produce sexist attitudes and behavior. Yet, you did not say it quite that intelligently or rationally. Instead, you accused each fraternity member of rape, of possessing uncaring and aggressive attitudes about sex, and of complete disrespect for women. I consider these untrue and unnecessarily hateful generalizations to be on par with the racism and sexism that you and I mutually detest. I will not be stereotyped and will not be insulted by someone who does not know me. If you have some legitimate reason to hate me or you would like to discuss ways in which we could potentially improve the current situation, please come and see me yourself. Until then, stop spreading lies about me and stop vandalizing my campus.

Michael Goldstein

Trinity '93


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