The things we forgot

Senior columnist Tom Gieryn reflects on the moments he had at Duke.

Manning brothers slowly bring spotlight to Blue Devil football

In mid-March of 2012, Peyton Manning brought a massive media spotlight to Duke, but few focused on what his association with the football program can bring in the future.

Nobody wanted this Duke basketball season to end

After a whirlwind final game, nobody wanted this season for the Blue Devils to be over.

Louisville's depth and defense pose potential problems for Duke basketball

Duke will have to overcome Louisville's top-ranked defense in order to advance to the Final Four.

Duke basketball rekindles early-season magic in Sweet 16 victory against Michigan State

It seems like forever ago that the Blue Devils were a 14-0. But Friday's 71-61 Sweet 16 win against Michigan State brought back that feeling of methodical domination.

Duke basketball starts NCAA Tournament play

Duke was “shocked” last season when it became just the sixth second-seeded team in NCAA Tournament history to lose to a No. 15 seed in the first round.

Will Duke basketball's dearth of depth cause problems?

Duke’s substitution patterns have been in flux for much of the year.

Duke basketball learns from first-round loss to Lehigh

When the bus carrying the Duke basketball team pulled out late on March 16, 2012, it stopped for nothing.

Duke basketball's chemistry clear in win against North Carolina

The Blue Devils’ smooth, balanced team play and poised demeanor helped Duke to dismantle North Carolina in nearly every facet of the game.

Ballad to the class of 2013

Tom Gieryn's ballad reflects on his Duke basketball memories and experience.

We're bringing Crazie back

Columnist and basketball beat writer Tom Gieryn writes that the Cameron Crazies have been impressive this year but can take a few steps to bring their game to the next level.

The Kelly effect: Who has stepped up for Duke basketball?

Josh Hairston and Rasheed Sulaimon have seen their points per 40 minutes jump notably in Ryan Kelly's absence.

Duke basketball's loss to Maryland shows the fragility of success

College basketball success is fragile. Ask Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon and Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Duke wrestling loses to North Carolina, remains winless in the ACC

Duke lost 24-13 at the hands of visiting North Carolina.

FS WHO? Duke basketball shoots past the Seminoles 79-60

Shooting 11-for-18 from 3-point range, Duke cruised to a 79-60 victory against Florida State in Tallahassee.

Going back in search of a hero

It’s ironic, perhaps, that we thrust these burdens of heroism on a collection of individuals who are in some ways the least qualified to bear them, despite their physical strength.

Duke basketball's win against Wake Forest was more than just a win

Wins can be more than just a win and that was the case for Duke on Wednesday.

Losing Kelly isn't Duke basketball's only problem

The Blue Devils lost Ryan Kelly, but there is much more to Duke's struggles.

Why is it so fun for everybody to beat Duke basketball?

As N.C. State's rushing the court showed, beating Duke has an extra little bit of euphoria for opposing schools.

Duke basketball has options for replacing Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly may be hurt, but the Blue Devils have options to replace him.

Lessons from Duke basketball's first ACC win of 2012-13

As classes are set to begin for the second semester at Duke, the Blue Devils learned three early lessons this week.

Duke basketball's Zafirovski never says never

After a long journey, former walk-on Todd Zafirovski scored his first points last week.

Bringing back Duke basketball's moxie

This year's Blue Devils have a moxie and togetherness that last year's team lacked, columnist Tom Gieryn writies.

Duke basketball's trip to the Bahamas offered limited TV exposure

Those trying to watch the first round of the Battle 4 Atlantis may have had a difficult time.

Why did Duke basketball go to the Bahamas?

NCAA minutia and a close tournament attracted Duke to this early-season tournament.

Tom Gieryn