Note from the chair of the Editorial Board

I thank Mi Gente for their hard work in connecting students and the important impact they have on the Duke community.

McCrory budget proposes closing 5 prisons

Governor Pat McCrory’s proposal to shut down five North Carolina prisons reflects a decrease in the inmate population.

Duke struggles to draw low-income applicants, paralleling national trends

Some in the higher education community are evaluating how accessible the college application process is to low-income students

North Carolina voter ID legislation could hinder Duke voters

As many as 613,000 North Carolina voters may be unable to cast ballots if a voter ID law moves through the state legislature.

David Price, John Sarbanes slam super PACs

The role of money in politics rose to the media spotlight in the recent elections, fueling a movement to reform the influence money wields in elections.

Barack Obama begins another term with another call for national unity

Obama renewed his oath of office just before noon Monday and used the inaugural stage to advocate for a more equal and progressive nation.

Obama unveils new gun law proposal, sparks NRA outcry

The battle to reform gun control laws will soon emerge in Congress.

Duke so far unscathed by fiscal cliff

The fiscal cliff was temporarily averted, but it remains uncertain whether student aid and research grants will be cut.

Lee Royster will spend 5 months in prison for DWI death

Royster pleaded guilty to felony death by vehicle for driving while impaired, resulting in the death of classmate Matthew Grape.

North Carolina petition to secede hits 29,000 signatures

North Carolina is at the forefront of a grassroots movement of individual states looking to secede.

College-educated women face pay gap

A year after graduating from college, women are paid only 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn.

G.K. Butterfield cruises to another House term

Butterfield easily defeated Republican Pete DiLauro and Libertarian Darryl Holloman .

Straight ticket ballots prompt concerns about voting

Straight ticket voting may exacerbate uninformed voting.

North Carolina early voters beat 2008 election turnout

With five days to go, North Carolina voters are heading to early voting sites in unprecedented numbers.

Push to register voters at Duke increases as deadline nears

With five days left, students have redoubled their efforts to increase political activism on campus.

Durham School of the Arts ranks nationally

DSA regards standardized tests as the minimum requirement of understanding.

Some say DNC 'wasn't anything new'

Voters rally as the Democratic National Convention concludes and the presidential race surges forward.

Candidates focus on women's issues

Recent remarks about the legitimacy of abortion are bringing women’s interests to the center of the presidential race.

DSG reschedules first tailgate

DSG solidified its infrastructure and began discussing its approach to issues pertaining to student life and social policies.

Students gear up for election

Student leaders are mobilizing for a politically charged campus this Fall.

Obamacare ruling to have limited impact at polls

The highly anticipated Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare will change the course of health care, but it may not change voters’ minds in the November elections.

Duke Democrats to participate in Charlotte DNC

Early this September, Duke students will trek to Charlotte to rally their support for President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.

College-bound students engage in risky behaviors

Sixteen percent of teens visiting college campuses admit to drinking alcohol during their stay.

McClendon's tower casts a shadow over Duke

Whether or not a scandal surrounding a major Duke donor will affect the University still remains a question.

Matsui rides with the Bulls

Baseball All-Star Hideki Matsui joins the Tampa Bay Rays after a 13-game run with the Durham Bulls.

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