Popping the question – how and why to engage patients in health care

Patient engagement has become, over the past few decades, a focal interest of many stakeholders in the healthcare world.

Tis better to have loved and lost? Not always.

“Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

Text versus intent – what they meant versus what they said

There has been a good amount of talk this past month—both among the policy experts and the greater public—about a pending Supreme Court decision: King v. Burwell.

Mountains beyond mountains, mountains here at home

Quality (of life) over quantity (of time)

Back in Sept. of 2014 I wrote a column about end-of-life care.

Our question, my passion

While applying to internships for this summer, I have been asked over and over, and have had to ask myself, why I want to work in health policy.

How to capture young invincibles when invincibility isn’t the problem

Despite the penalties under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) associated with not buying health insurance, there is still a subset of the population that refuses to purchase insurance policies.

Radical today, familiar tomorrow?

My first health policy professor, Dr. Don Taylor, beat into our heads that the most radical part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is neither the individual mandate nor the Medicaid expansion.

Employer sponsored insurance—a short term solution that never left

Back in the day paying for health care looked a little different than it does now.

Back to basics—a little vocab to help the conversation

Sometimes talking about health care can feel like speaking a foreign language, so let’s start with the vocabulary.

The Medical Loss Ratio—you might not care, but you should

MLR, despite its apparent dullness, drives fundamental decisions in the health insurance industry.

Reference pricing: paying up to a point, and putting some skin in the game

To combat rising costs in health care, payers (e.g. insurers, self-insured employers, the government, etc.) use various cost sharing designs. I

Build a well not a fence

To keep the herd in, build a well not a fence.

Is access to healthcare a right? Should it be?

It would be hard to deny that our country faces myriad and unfathomably complex issues--grand strategy, the role of government in our lives, environmental policy, gay rights, abortion, the...

End-of-life care: balancing money, time and quality of life

During elementary school, we bought a hamster, Nibbles. At two years old, she developed swelling in her abdomen.

Reconciling our past and embracing the individual mandate

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