Sometimes, it's more than just a cooler

The formal cooler is more than just a cooler for many at Duke.

A friendly reminder

In defense of the humanities

I recently became familiar with the concept of “Oh” majors.

Musings on shared housework

Home, homophily, and difference

The vast number of selective living groups on campus speaks to the vast number of characteristics that can bring students together, unite them in solidarity and give them the ability to live with...


I can talk to my best guy friend about almost anything.

The wake of Black Friday: what are the best practices?

The movement of the beginning of the holiday shopping season from Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day has driven a vicious wedge between enthusiastic consumers, retailers, staunch holiday...

Think about it

Suppose that there were a pill that you could take which would make you more intelligent.

Don't call it apathy

I challenge you to find a freshman who has not been asked to register to vote in this year's midterm elections outside of Marketplace over the past month.

The privilege of pursuing your passion

I love comedy.

In the end, you get respect

I'm a fan of two of the most hated teams in sports­­--the New York Yankees and the Duke Blue Devils.

A little complaining never killed anybody

If there's one thing that a lot of people I know outside of Duke—and myself—are good at, it's complaining.

What's going on?

I've been on campus for four weeks now and have opened up a newspaper an embarrassingly low number of times.

Expectation v. Reality

The following is a collection of the surprises I have encountered during my first week here at Duke.

A letter to my dad on Father's Day

On this momentous occasion of my last Father's Day living at home full-time (let's hope), I wanted to take some time to recognize everything you haven't done for me as a father over the years.

What I'll miss about high school

Ah, high school—that wonderland of brick walls and linoleum floors, of clocks that tick too loudly and fluorescent lights so unflattering that every blackhead on a student’s face is painfully...

Your past isn't your past anymore

I was an awkward fourteen-year-old.

Mary Ziemba

Trinity 2018

eastern exposure