Duke alumnus Eric Oberstein wins Grammy

This victory makes him the only Duke employee, including faculty, who has won a Grammy award.

Shooters doubles rates due to recent damages

Due to rowdy freshmen and extensive property destruction in the last two weeks, Shooters has raised its cover fee for Duke students under 21 years old from $5 to $10.

Duke disbands bike loaner program

Duke recently disbanded its bike loaner program due to a lack of space, funding and interest. But some students are already looking for ways to bring it back.

Students soundoff on North Carolina politics

The Chronicle's Tony Shan and Linda Yu sat down with Duke students to discuss North Carolina politics.

Duke alumni run 500 miles to support veterans

Seven Duke alumni took on a 500-mile run that bridged together their time at Duke with their service in the Iraq War Aug. 11.

Watch List: Larry Moneta

Of the many administrators and sub-administrators at Duke, Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta is one of the most visible.

Watch List: Danielle Muoio

Resting at the top of the masthead of Duke's independent daily newspaper, The Chronicle, is the name of junior Danielle Muoio.

Local pastors protest Durham panhandling ordinace

Many local panhandlers have been ticketed and fined since a new Durham ordinance banning certain types of begging has gone into effect.

Scholars remember Duke professor by bridging black Christian and Muslim communities

Some individuals hope to bridge Muslim and Christian black churches through interfaith dialogue—a goal inspired by former Duke professor C. Eric Lincoln.

Senior Jocelyn Streid bridges theology, medicine in Duke Chapel sermon

Senior Jocelyn Streid found inspiration among her fellow Cameron Crazies at 4 a.m.

Duke students share thoughts on Lunar New Year celebration

The Asian Students Association hosted the annual Lunar New Year celebration in Page Auditorium Saturday

National security specialists debate potential viability of space weapons

Things got futuristic during the Alexander Hamilton Society’s third debate of the year as missiles and lasers beamed from space shot through the discussion.

Duke community sounds off on comeback victory against UNC

With Duke’s 73-68 victory against the Tar Heels and subsequent bonfire, students and others shared their excitement and thoughts on the course of the game.

Pratt students build robot to give real birds 'the bird'

A team of Duke undergraduates working with the Nowicki Lab created a lifelike robotic sparrow to test a theory of angry bird behavior.

Mike Daisey muses on truth, storytelling at Duke

Controversial performer Mike Daisey challenged the distinction between theater and journalism in a visit to Duke.

Pedestrian killed in train accident near Duke East Campus

An unidentified individual was killed in a train crash just off of East Campus Tuesday evening.

Ice halts Duke operations despite preparations

On Friday, ice descended on campus, frosting roads and sidewalks and disrupting business as usual.

Robert Johnson, BET founder, tells success story

Johnson believes that success comes from seizing opportunities.

Duke partygoers keep Fodil on speed dial

A certain set of Duke students have programmed in their phones they call as regularly as their own mothers.

Republicans celebrate North Carolina victories amid White House defeat

wo to four stickers: the rectangle Romney/Ryan, the round ones with “Pat” in large font and maybe even the square “Barefoot for Senate.”

Karl Rove, Howard Dean joke and debate foreign, domestic policy

Karl Rove and Howard Dean drilled into foreign policy issues at Duke before the presidential debate Monday night.

Film Review: Atlas Shrugged Pt. II

Chances are Part II will immediately make you feel uncomfortable.

Rainbows abound at rainy North Carolina pride parade

Rain did not dampen the spirits of the 10,000 people who attended the annual pride parade Saturday.

Q&A with Escapist founder Alexander Macris

Escapist publisher Alexander Macris talks with The Chronicle’s Linda Yu about ditching a law career to start a gaming magazine.

Expo draws geeks to Durham

The three-day Expo featured videogame tournaments, role-playing games, board game libraries and a cosplay contest