Editor's Note, 2/12

Violence in its revelation can either compel us to act or scare us into submission.

Editor's Note, 1/8

I have recently begun to feel like any attempt to provide an academic explanation of the world evades the real question, the unanswerable question: why?

Editor's Note, 12/4

Those with the biggest stake in addressing the challenges of our times have the least access to platforms for their art to be seen, heard, read and paid for.

Annual dance program to showcase student and faculty choreography

"We are passionate and have a lot to say and share with those willing to listen.”

Editor's Note, 10/30

The overwhelming narrative is that men have mental illness, while women become their mental illness.

Girls Rock NC celebrates 10 year anniversary

Editor's Note, 9/25

A tale of two Emmas.

Touré carries on father's and country's legacies in his music

Touré's music is emblematic of an international music legacy born out of his father’s worldwide prominence and the general acclaim of Malian musicians.

Duke to welcome renowned composer Frank Ticheli to Baldwin Auditorium

“It seems he can take any idea and make it beautiful."

Editor's Note, 7/1

Turns out, humans have been looking to the stars and seeing stories since the dawn of humankind.

Kenan Distinguished Lecture in Ethics presents author Teju Cole

“Cole’s talk will touch on the personal and global themes such as population pressure in his native Lagos, the use of Twitter as an activist space during the Arab uprisings and the recent testimony...

All of the Above showcases diversity of women's experiences for 11th year

"I want this production to challenge the monolithic idea of Duke women.”

Bull City Summer returns as photo exhibition at NCMA

Durham’s pastime is coming to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh in a new exhibition.

On Whitman and the verses of Internet poetry

"The Internet is the most effective finger pointing at the moon that we have ever had.”

On Whitman and the verses of Internet poetry

"The Internet is the most effective finger pointing at the moon that we have ever had.”

Portrait of a porn star

A half-second Google search transformed a first-year Duke student into a rising porn starlet.

Theater company presents latest production, dark comedy, Celebration

"Celebration" exhibits Little Green Pig’s commitment to nontraditional casting and confronting violent or erotic subject material.

English Department brings George Saunders to campus

Saunders always manages to earnestly and hopefully portray the human condition, while still leaving room for darker themes and satire.

Durham Arts Council unites works of two artists in newest exhibition

Silvia Heyden and Edith London were exemplars in making Durham a viable place for artists to create and show work.

Hoof 'n' Horn presents The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

A 200 dollar saving bond and bragging rights are the stakes in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” Hoof 'n’ Horn’s latest musical production.

Film Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

Isaac portrays a man who cannot decide whether to relish in success or failure, because while success is validation, failure is authentic.

Film Review: Frozen

I can’t help but wonder why Disney doesn’t put women in charge more often.

On the death of the novel

If we hope to resuscitate the novel, we must be willing to ask ourselves the difficult, albeit obvious, questions.

November Dances showcases flourishing program at Duke

"The showcase shows the potential for dance to reach out in a lot of different ways."

People Get Ready melds contemporary dance and indie rock

“It doesn’t feel like we are breaking any boundaries; it feels boundless.”

Katie Fernelius