Editor's Note, 4/10

I’m learning to be patient enough to cultivate the story I want.

17th Full Frame festival to feature new and classic documentary films

More than 90 different films, new and old, were meticulously selected for the 17th annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

ChoreoLab 2014 showcases diverse dance styles and choreographies

ChoreoLab 2014 will provide the platform by which the community can enter into the minds and hearts of dancers and choreographers from Duke as they put on spring’s main stage dance performance.

Film Review: The Wind Rises

Several threads weave throughout: the horrors and morals of battle, Japan’s place in history and the world, the pain of needing to create.

Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

“Who wouldn’t want to be a lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel? It’s an institution.”

Local craft start-up finds a home for NC artists on Geer Street

“It’s important to carve out a space for artists and makers in this kind of artistic community, to have a voice downtown.”

Music Review: Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Angel Olsen is at once fiery and delicate, gentle and unapologetic.

Asian American theater group hosts inaugural 24-hour play festival

Starting on Saturday night, several students will write, direct and perform in a series of plays within the span of just 24 hours.

Film Review: The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza)

The film is one idyllic sensation after another.

Dance company culminates residency with premiere

"They have proven that dance artists can effectively change the way that people experience their lives."

Editor's Note, 1/30

It’s easy enough to finish a piece of writing because it’s due, but it’s grueling to finish a piece of writing because it’s good.

Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist opens at Nasher

Despite a 40-year span of significant artwork, Motley is one of the least visible artists of the 20th century.

Archive hosts novelist Zadie Smith for annual Blackburn literary fest

"Zadie Smith is probably one of the most interesting contemporary writers because she’s both extending the formal innovations and experimentations we associate with the novel in her work."

MLK celebrated with open stage for spoken word

The immediacy of her stage presence, paired with the approachability of her work—which is at once soulful and surreal—has set her apart.

Music Review: You and the Night OST

The score is sometimes uncertain, sometimes frenzied, sometimes spine-chilling and sometimes glorious.

Review: “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures”

Each of the five stories showcases only a handful of works at most; Burden’s pieces are massive enough, or commanding enough, to merit an entire museum floor.

Music Review: I Want to See Pulaski at Night

It’s deliberately fashioned to keep us on edge, and once again, Bird pulls at us, affecting a plaintive beauty as he pulls his bow.

Review: "Legendary: Inside the House Ballroom Scene"

In the world of underground house balls, extravagance and 'realness' reign supreme.

Editor's Note, 11/7

Yet her purity of intent, her life-affirming vulnerability and her faith in the people—in the young—are what keep us inspired.

Music Review: Fade Away

Though the title might convey otherwise, she’s no longer the stoned cat-lover recording garage songs in her bedroom about boys.

Editor's Note, 9/19/13

And no matter how embarrassing, how unforgiving or even how inauthentic, these tidbits—these multitudes—were once important, so in a way, they still are.

MFA candidate explores faith through storefront church in "Be Still"

Storefront churches have always been a part of Kristin Bedford’s landscape.

Music Review: Run Fast

Just like her music, Kathleen Hanna is radical, raucous and self-aware.

Three Lobed and WXDU bring Hopscotch day show

Whether you’ve snagged a one-day pass, a three-day pass or no pass at all, this weekend belongs to Hopscotch Music Festival.

New Doris Duke exhibition brings Islamic art to Nasher Museum

The massive property is simple—even austere—on the outside, but the interior flourishes with Islamic art, furniture, jewelry and architectural elements curated by Duke herself.

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