Campaigns emerge to address racism at Duke

In social media campaigns and in physical spaces on campus, some students are calling to change the way issues of race are recognized and addressed at Duke.

Closure of UNC poverty centers leads to questioning of rationale

In the weeks since the University of North Carolina Board of Governors' voted to close an academic center for poverty research, many have speculated that the move was politically motivated.

For some, humanities find answers in interdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinary collaborations in the humanities have emerged as a way to sustain a field increasingly besieged by criticism.

David Robertson highlights diversity of experiences in undergrad Young Trustee race

In his campaign for Young Trustee, senior David Robertson has made representing the diverse array of student voices on campus a key priority.

Duke women in STEM battle the gap

With a recent study showing that popular stereotypes—rather than lack of ability— may be responsible for the gender gap in certain fields, Duke women note that females in STEM fields face a variety...

Duke raises minimum wage for regular employees to $12 per hour

Duke will increase its minimum wage from $10.91 per hour to $12 per hour beginning in July, affecting approximately 400 employees of the University and Duke University Health System.

Duke stands alone among peers in merit-based scholarship priorities

As another year of regular decision admissions approaches, Duke will look for something most of its peer schools do not—which candidates should be considered for full-ride merit scholarships.

Duke students arrested in local demonstration

A number of Duke students were among those arrested Friday night in a downtown protest reacting to recent national conversations on police violence and race relations.

Students hold vigil following Eric Garner verdict

Students gathered on the Duke Chapel steps Wednesday night for a candlelight vigil in response to the decision to not indict the New York police officer who choked Eric Garner to death this summer.

Law School alumnus gives $1.25 million for new entrepreneurship faculty chair

The Karl W. Leo Professorship is the most recent of eight faculty positions established at the School of Law through Duke Forward, the University's seven-year, $3.25 billion capital campaign.

Public Harry Potter readings draw curiosity

As dusk begins to set, just before the Chapel bells ring to signify the day drawing to a close, the wind begins to carry whispers of the story of a boy in the wizarding world.

Recognizing those 'put in harm's way'

With the number of veteran students on the rise, Duke's annual ceremony commemorating Veterans Day will take place in front of the Chapel Tuesday.

New voting laws present confusion at the polls

A number of students and local residents were turned away from voting locations on Election Day, due in part to the voting laws passed last year eliminating out-of-precinct voting and same-day...

Butterfield retains House seat in landslide victory

Butterfield won re-election in the 1st Congressional District of North Carolina—which encompasses part of Durham County, including Duke—with 73 percent of the vote against Republican challenger...

Inform your vote: a guide to the 2014 U.S. Senate election

With less than a week until Election Day, take a look at how the two candidates stack up on key issues.

3,100 students implicated in UNC academic scandal

An eight-month investigation into the academic scandal at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill revealed that the university’s “shadow curriculum” benefited more than 3,000 students—many of...

As peers end student loans, Duke keeps its aid policy

Although offering loans places Duke in a minority among elite universities, the University stands behind its financial aid policies.

Kenyan photojournalist challenges students to engage at home

Kenyan photojournalist Boniface Mwangi used his work to frame a discussion on activism and race relations in the Friedl Building Wednesday.

'Real' slums of Bangalore surveyed by Bass Connections team

The Bass Connections project team “Where are the ‘Real’ Slums in Bangalore” presented their work Tuesday, showing the variance of low-income slums in Bangalore.

GOP press secretary discusses race for NC Senate seat

"Voters in North Carolina could end up deciding whether it’s a Republican or Democrat-led senate."

Scholars discuss threat of potential Chinese-Russian alliance

Prominent scholars in foreign policy tackled the potential threat of Sino-Russian relations at a talk Monday in the Sanford School of Public Policy.

Report: Campus robberies more than doubled last year, other crimes decreased

Nine reported robberies took place in 2013 compared to four in 2012, but the 2014 Annual Clery Security Report revealed an overall decline in almost every other major crime category.

Counterterrorism experts debate ISIS threat, foreign policy

Counterterrorism experts Daniel Benjamin and Frances Townsend called for increased antiterrorism measures in the Middle East—without new military commitment—at a talk in the Sanford School of...

Counterterrorism expert Benjamin talks ISIS threat, American policy

"I think that right now, there’s a lot of hyperventilation going on about the ISIS threat, and I think it undermines our ability to make good policies."

Fight for increased minimum wage escalates nationally

Thousands of fast food workers walked off the job Thursday, demanding higher wages and union representation and, for many of Duke's fast food employees, the demonstration hit close to home.

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