On summer

It all rolls in like a long-term houseguest who leaves fresh flowers on your bedside table.

Recess Interviews: Mipso

"Duke Coffeehouse was one of our first shows outside of Chapel Hill that had good attendance. It was one of the first guaranteed payments we had where we were like, maybe you could make music to...

Nasher renovations to invite more student engagement

The Nasher Museum of Art holds more than 11,000 pieces in its permanent collection, but few of these works are ever seen by students during their years at Duke.

'All was well': Public Harry Potter readings come to a close

Most readers of the Harry Potter series faced the ending of the series when the last book was released in July 2007.

Noose reported on Bryan Center Plaza

Reports on social media showed a photo of the noose, made with a thin yellow rope, and link the incident to racial tensions

Bumper pool 'madness' takes off at Duke

Every Friday afternoon, the continuous clanking of billiard balls can be heard echoing down an empty hallway in the Kilgo quadrangle.

Arts and Sciences Council considers new certificate program, plagiarism report

A new certificate program focusing on civic engagement is working its way toward approval.

University announces relocation of Chapel services during renovations

The Duke Chapel will be closing for renovations immediately following Commencement activities this year.

Music Review: Recycled Youth (Volume One)

I once asked an honest, musically aware friend if it would ever be respectable to like Never Shout Never. His immediate text response: “No.”

VIDEO: Class canceled again, massive snowball fights Wednesday night

Winter weather caused the fourth cancellation of classes in two weeks the past two days.

Duke student selected as finalist for Mars expedition

Senior Laurel Kaye is one of 100 finalists in Mars One's plan to colonize the Red Planet.

Flashback: one year since 'Snowpocalypse'

Last Winter, students were pleasantly surprised to have classes canceled for several days in February due to continual precipitation and icy roads.

Three dead in Chapel Hill homicide

The victims are newlyweds Deah Barakat, a second-year student in the School of Dentistry, and Yusor Mohammed, who planned to start at the dentistry school in the Fall, as well as Yusor's sister...

Coach K congratulated on U.S. House floor

Two U.S. Representatives spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives Tuesday to congratulate Coach Mike Krzyzewski on his 1,000th win against St. John's on Sunday.

Music Review: Girls in Peacetime Just Want to Dance

"When I used to listen to records in the ‘80s as a teenager, they were singing to you and telling you stuff about life you didn’t know. It was in the lyrics and it was in the feeling.”

Muslim adhan held on Chapel quad

Several hundred people attended the Muslim adhan, or call-to-prayer, on the lawn in front of the Duke Chapel today at 1 p.m.

Cold gives K-Ville slow start

Due to the cold temperatures, line monitors called grace in K-ville and sent tenters back to their beds for the first three nights.

Student line turns chaotic as Wallace Wade reaches capacity

Some students in line for Thursday night's football game against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill experienced chaos, and some were turned away from entering Wallace Wade Stadium when...

Students flock to Loop Bar for Election Night watch party (Video)

Watching on dual screens featuring both CNN and Fox News, students across a variety of political denominations turned out to the watch party event hosted by Duke Political Review, Duke Political...

Final Exam: Meet Duke's senior pottery artist

Senior Julian Salazar has one of the rarer hobbies found at Duke—throwing, firing and glazing pieces of pottery .

Beer and Space Invaders

Before the Armadillo Grill and The Loop Bar, there was The Hideaway—a student-run bar under Page Auditorium where Grace Kelly once sipped a beer.

Domestic abuse explored in one-acts at Common Ground

A local family’s performance art company is tackling the issue of domestic violence through theater.

Duke Kunshan University: A Retrospective

View the interactive timeline of DKU events over the past five years. Click through to see important points in the development process, photos, graphics and quotes from key voices.

"Artstigators" aim to promote campus arts

The project, as abstract and undefined as an artistic endeavor itself, is aiming to spread the arts around Duke through spontaneous events and social media.

At Convocation, freshmen told to push outside comfort zones

More than 1,700 freshmen filled Duke Chapel at Wednesday’s Convocation ceremony and listened to imperatives to fervently seek out their purpose at Duke.

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