Our Yik Yaks

New studies show that Yik Yak is currently the procrastination pastime of choice for stressed students.

Make course evaluations relevant

As classes wind down to a close, teachers and administrators across campus are urging students to fill out their course evaluations.

Studying against the clock

This exam season, you may find yourself wandering aimlessly through the crowded aisles of Perkins, futilely looking for space to house your tottering pile of books while subsisting on Von Der Haden...

Happy Holidays?

Year in and year out, wintertime sparks debate on political correctness in well-wishing during the holiday season as well as the shift from a religious to a commercial and secular cultural phenomenon.

Antisocial media

Last Monday, as most students prepared for the upcoming break, a student-led group marched from West Campus to East Campus to raise awareness and protest the decision of a Missouri grand jury not...

The ideal housing model

Of the 180 juniors who applied for off-campus housing in the Spring, only 51 received exemptions—a lower number than in previous years.

Appreciating those who make Duke feel like home

Every Thanksgiving brings about the laundry list of items to be thankful for, and we as Duke students have, as usual, more than most.

We are all a little elitist

Other than the bone-chilling temperatures, the football game against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last week was a typical display of (un)friendly sports rivalry and verbal riffing.


Tonight is the senior Pub Step, formerly known as Pub Crawl.

Work with Congress on immigration, not around it

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that he would issue an executive order on immigration tonight, halting deportations for up to 5 million undocumented persons who have illegally entered...

Changing of the guard

Today we consider Patton’s legacy at Duke and what this means for the University moving forward.

Speak, and we shall listen

Last week, N.T. Wright, one of the world’s leading Biblical scholars and historians of early Christianity, came to address the Duke community on a breadth of topics.

Hacking Hackathon

Innovators from around the nation gathered for a sleepless event this past weekend for HackDuke.

Evaluating the food point system

We’ve all had the conversation before.

Duke on the web

Over the years, online learning has worked its way into a number of aspects of Duke academics.

Addressing the computer science scandal

Some students enrolled in Computer Science 201 found themselves especially anxious Wednesday evening.

Tear down this wall

As students living comfortably in an elite university, we often take our condition for granted.

Demand DEMAN

The arts meet the professions Nov. 7 and 8 for the annual DEMAN Weekend—Duke Entertainment, Media and the Arts Network.

Making strides toward Title IX compliance

Title IX prohibits gender discrimination in athletic programs at institutions that receive federal funds.

Signature for all courses

This fall, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences debuted a new initiative featuring courses designed to confront students with the key and complex issues of our times—“signature courses.”

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? It’s a question worth asking after the DSG Senate approved a resolution to change the name of the women’s studies department to the department of gender, women’s and sexuality...


Wipe the cobwebs off your eyes, stretch your skeletal arms to the sky and get ready to embrace the Halloween of your nightmares.

Wired in

The fine line between cellphones as tool, accessory and added appendage has blurred and seemingly vanished in today’s world.

An open administration

Earlier this month, 28 Harvard Law School professors published an open letter in the Boston Globe criticizing Harvard’s sexual harassment policies, which are quite similar to Duke’s.

Shopping for classes

Finding a way to construct a course bank that accounts for graduation requirements, post-graduation requirements, personal interest and work load is both thrilling and daunting.

Editorial Board

The Chronicle decided in 2006 to make its editorial board independent of the editorial staff at the paper. Today, the editor, editorial page editor, and between 10 and 15 at-large members sit on the Board. The members of the editorial board have diverse interests and a depth of knowledge about the University and the local community. The editorials are anonymously written by one voting member present at the meeting. In an effort to be transparent, names and biographies of the members formulating the opinion, as well as non-voting members, are posted on the editorial board page.