New housing policy poses risks

Opting into a selective living group might mean you can never leave.

Reclaim failure

Business suits and interview folios descend upon campus as the most recent interview season begins—this one largely for summer consulting and finance positions.

Applauding DSG's efforts

Last week, Duke Student Government introduced four proposals that could alter the landscape of its elections and internal organization.

Popular economics

As the George Bernard Shaw quip goes, all the economists in the world lined up end-to-end still would not reach a conclusion.

Do scholarships have merit?

By offering merit-based scholarships, Duke stands as an outlier among the nation’s elite universities.

An ambiguous decision

In yesterday’s editorial, we discussed the reversal of Duke’s decision to hold a weekly adhan, or call to prayer for the Muslim community, from atop the Chapel.

Duke's prerogative

Last week, Duke announced and then reversed a decision to allow the Muslim Students’ Association to hold a weekly adhan, or call to prayer, amplified from the top of the Chapel.

Combating the grade inflation problem

Last fall, Princeton University announced that it would repeal its 10-year-old policy of “grade deflation." The administrative change is striking.

January at Duke 101

Winter Forum, fresh new Spring classes, the possibilities of drop-add period, prime basketball season, tenting galore, Tech Connect, the Career and Summer Opportunities Fair, thoughts of studying...

Free speech inequality

In yesterday’s editorial, we discussed the institutional power of free speech and reaffirmed our belief in the spirit of dialogue over silence.

Defending free speech: nous sommes tous Charlie

Last Wednesday, two terrorists barbarically murdered 12 people at the office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine that had previously published caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

ObamaCares about education

Last Thursday, President Barack Obama announced an ambitious initiative to expand access to community college for those students willing to work for it.

New Year, New Duke

The end of year tradition of devising laundry lists of ways to improve oneself is decidedly an odd one.

Don’t rush too quickly

For some, the start of the spring term heralds frosty nights shivering in K-Ville tents; for others the growing academic to-do list serves a rude awakening from break.

A Winter murder on Science Drive

It was a gun in the Kirby Reading Room! So was Dean Nowicki killed in the Fuqua School of Business for the murder-mystery component of the sixth annual Winter Forum, "To Catch a Killer:...

Our Yik Yaks

New studies show that Yik Yak is currently the procrastination pastime of choice for stressed students.

Make course evaluations relevant

As classes wind down to a close, teachers and administrators across campus are urging students to fill out their course evaluations.

Studying against the clock

This exam season, you may find yourself wandering aimlessly through the crowded aisles of Perkins, futilely looking for space to house your tottering pile of books while subsisting on Von Der Haden...

Happy Holidays?

Year in and year out, wintertime sparks debate on political correctness in well-wishing during the holiday season as well as the shift from a religious to a commercial and secular cultural phenomenon.

Antisocial media

Last Monday, as most students prepared for the upcoming break, a student-led group marched from West Campus to East Campus to raise awareness and protest the decision of a Missouri grand jury not...

The ideal housing model

Of the 180 juniors who applied for off-campus housing in the Spring, only 51 received exemptions—a lower number than in previous years.

Appreciating those who make Duke feel like home

Every Thanksgiving brings about the laundry list of items to be thankful for, and we as Duke students have, as usual, more than most.

We are all a little elitist

Other than the bone-chilling temperatures, the football game against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last week was a typical display of (un)friendly sports rivalry and verbal riffing.


Tonight is the senior Pub Step, formerly known as Pub Crawl.

Work with Congress on immigration, not around it

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that he would issue an executive order on immigration tonight, halting deportations for up to 5 million undocumented persons who have illegally entered...

Editorial Board

The Chronicle decided in 2006 to make its editorial board independent of the editorial staff at the paper. Today, the editor, editorial page editor, and between 10 and 15 at-large members sit on the Board. The members of the editorial board have diverse interests and a depth of knowledge about the University and the local community. The editorials are anonymously written by one voting member present at the meeting. In an effort to be transparent, names and biographies of the members formulating the opinion, as well as non-voting members, are posted on the editorial board page.