Unsettled in wake of Potti settlement

We believe the reputation of Duke’s School of Medicine demands public statements from administration to clear the haze around their handling of Potti’s case

The winds of change: a year in review

The editorial board reflects on the changes that shaped Duke in 2014-15 and looks ahead to the future.

Planting burning questions for vibrant theses

Housed in the Duke archive repository lay the illustrious fruits of the year-long toiling and many sleepless nights of hundreds of students through the years: senior honors theses.

Getting bars with 1G at Duke

Duke’s 1G Network is a community of first generation college students, administrators, faculty and staff committed to improving the experiences of first generation college students on campus.

Take a Breather

LDOC is a mere five days away, and T-Pain, Jeremih, MisterWives, and Spencer Brown await us after our last wave of work wraps up.

The student challenges of student activism

The tumultuous events of this past year have prompted a wave of student activism on campus, an increase that asks for a close assessment of student activism at Duke.

Reading ahead for summer reading

At the beginning of this month, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel was chosen to be the Class of 2019’s Common Experience summer reading book.

Fix my DSG

Today, elections are being held for Duke Student Government committee vice presidents, senators and class offices.

Vote for an effective DSG

This year, the Editorial Board was disappointed by the lack of competition for Duke Student Government vice presidential positions.

Class of 2019: Accept us this April

As the first Blue Devil Days wraps up and the others approach, we want to take a moment to discuss Duke’s current state and its direction in higher education for admitted students.

Everyday fight against discrimination

In yesterday’s editorial, we discussed the Duke administration’s response to the noose incident.

This is not the Duke we want

“This is no Duke we want, this is no Duke we accept…and this is no Duke we want to create,” President Richard Brodhead declared on the Chapel steps last week before hundreds who came together in...

Join the Editorial Board

Duke is rife with conversation. Every minute of every hour of every day, our students are engaged in discussion on every conceivable topic.

To teach or to have the graduate student teach? That is the question.

Last Thursday, a bill was proposed in the North Carolina General Assembly that conditions the salary of University of North Carolina school system professors on teaching a four course minimum per...

Curricular confusion

The addition of yet another certificate adds to Duke’s bloated and incoherent curriculum.

Bookbagging traditionalism and multiculturalism

As the countdowns to LDOC and Old Duke begin and the semester wraps up, bookbagging and the question of Fall semester’s classes come knocking for all but our seniors.

TEDxDuke engages undergraduate research

Students and faculty gathered on Sunday at Baldwin Auditorium for this year’s TEDxDuke conference, an independently organized event modeled after the TED conference and its wildly popular TED Talks.

Supporting Our Sports

Both men’s and women’s basketball teams will be playing in the Sweet 16 this weekend, and the Duke community is naturally proud and excited. However, the enthusiasm seems to be somewhat one-sided...

Engaging racism and apathy

This week, the Black Student Alliance launched a social media and poster campaign called #WhatWeNeedFromDuke.

Gender equality vital to changing University's normative atmosphere

Students elected their fourth consecutive female Duke Student Government president in Keizra Mecklai earlier this month.

Safe space in public discourse

In its 12-year history, Common Ground has become increasingly one of the most popular and transformative events on campus.

Student half of student-athlete

It is that time of year again. As March Madness descends, college basketball is once again in the spotlight.

Oklahoma SAE case raises questions of due process

Last week, the University of Oklahoma and issues of race were thrust into the national spotlight after members of its Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were captured on video singing a hateful and...

Greater transparency for Young Trustee

Uncertainties about the selection and role of the Young Trustee will get more befuddling: The traditional three-year term—divided into one non-voting and two voting years—will be changed to...

All-women's colleges face challenges

At the beginning of this month, Sweet Briar College in central Virginia announced it would be closing next year, over a century after its founding in 1901.

Editorial Board

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