Duke Forward: Same goal, different spin

How Duke adjusted its expectations by launching its largest capital campaign following a recession

From Kanye to...Dillon Francis?

The history of LDOC: The most anticipated day of the year, and for some, the most scrutinized event at Duke.

April letter from the Towerview editors

Goodbyes are overrated.

February letter from the Towerview editors

We’ve been thinking a lot about change as we approach our graduation—especially the ones that exist outside of ourselves.

‘It’s just not done’: Could an unfinished DKU one day be great?

A student reporter's account of her time at Duke Kunshan University and what she liked and didn't like.

What's with the camel?

The story behind Duke's strangest statue.

Letter from the Towerview editors

The February issue of Towerview Magazine will hit stands Thursday instead of tomorrow due to the inclement weather.

Editors' note

Thanksgiving break is wholly predictable, and that’s why we love it.

Although unfinished, DKU offers positive first semester

Students studying at Duke Kunshan University in its inaugural semester have largely reported a positive classroom and residential experience, though the incomplete nature of the campus has limited...

'Integration of East and West': DKU marks grand opening

Leaders from Duke, Wuhan University and the municipal government of Kunshan discussed the impact of Duke Kunshan University on the future of Sino-American relations during the second day of DKU's...

Brodhead slated to be visiting lecturer at Duke Kunshan University

President Richard Brodhead will be a visiting lecturer at Duke Kunshan University, though when he will fill this role is still unclear.

DKU grand opening gives rise to questions on academic freedom

As part of its grand opening celebration, Duke Kunshan University hosted a series of talks Sunday for local Duke alumni in which DKU and Duke representatives touched upon the issue of academic...

Editors' note

This time last year, all of our friends were drunk at Oktoberfest.

Editor's note

Some parts of becoming a senior are like becoming a freshman all over again.

Editor's note

It’s summertime, the living is easy, and Towerview has two new co-editors.

The Construction Obstruction

Duke's Gothic wonderland is quickly becoming engulfed by yellow construction tape, but what about the students that endure the inconvenience?

Kim Cates integrates herself into student social life

One of the first things freshmen learn is during orientation week—the fastest route to get to Shooters II Saloon.

Meet Sally Kornbluth: the first female provost

Sally Kornbluth may just have the most important job on campus.

Crisis averted

It was the last week of Volume 109’s summer production schedule and my first stab at handling real sleep deprivation.

Activist Gloria Steinem says 'we are linked, not ranked'

Feminist activist Gloria Steinem came to Duke as part of the Jean Fox O'Barr distinguished speaker series.

Documentary to premiere for Durham Lemur Week

"Island of Lemurs: Madagascar," which features Duke lemurs, is intended to educate the public about the endangered status of lemurs and highlight the importance of conservation efforts in Madagascar.

Duke basketball's Shane Battier stumps for Obamacare

Former Blue Devil Shane Battier is helping White House officials push Americans to sign up for the Affordable Care Act by drawing attention to the economic costs of sports-related injuries

Editor's note

The Duke community experienced a tragic loss when senior Rebecca DeNardis died in a car accident Friday afternoon. The Chronicle will be accepting letters to the editor remembering Rebecca.

Board of Trustees approve tuition hike and West Union funds

The Board of Trustees convened in Palo Alto this weekend to elect a new provost, approve tuition rates for the 2014-15 academic year and tour Stanford University's campus, among other items.

Sally Kornbluth to follow Peter Lange as new provost

Sally Kornbluth, James B. Duke Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, will succeed Provost Peter Lange as the new provost.

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