Choosing between fear and love

We might not be aware of it, but too many of our relationships are rooted to a foundation of fear that is fixated instinctually on serving ourselves.

Lessons from childhood

What we play and what it means

As this year’s tenting season comes to an end, I’m reminded of something that makes Duke particularly unique among top universities in the United States.

The complexity of the moderate

Over the years, people have adopted numerous metaphors to illustrate the wondrously dynamic nature of the United States Constitution, but among my personal favorites is John Dickinson’s likening of...

Beneath the surface of our skin

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt that something crucial has been missing from our conversations about race.

The changing faces of God

I don’t usually think much of it, but whenever I meet someone for the first time, I am born again.

Reconciling the language and empathy gap

Early in my life I learned what it was like to live in linguistic limbo—where I could understand a language that I couldn’t speak.

The university campus as hyperreality

They say that just by looking at an object you can faintly hear the echoes of its past whispering to you in the present.

Rewriting a story without words

At some point during my early years in middle school, I lost my voice.

A choice between imitation and creation

Sometimes when I’m alone in Perkins worrying about how my paper due the next morning will ever write itself, my mind takes a detour to marvel at the wealth of ideas that must continually be flowing...

Falling up

As a child, I used to think the trees outside my house grew as high as they did because they were trying to touch the sky.

Chris Lee

Trinity 2017

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