It's the climb

For us, there is no better view of Duke University than the halls of 301 Flowers.

Academic Council finds no disparities in faculty salaries

In their penultimate meeting of the academic year, the Academic Council discussed the current state of salary equity at the University.

That Time I...Paid to cuddle

People have been paying for intimacy for thousands of years, but would you pay just to cuddle?

Timber: tree down on Chapel Drive

High winds are suspected to be the cause of a fallen tree that stopped traffic on Chapel Drive Thursday evening.

Kunshan student ambassadors talk goals for campus

"Democracy is a fluid but sensitive concept, and while being in China, we are just conscious of certain student's perspective and needs, and we accommodate accordingly."

DKU student group promotes positive campus life

Following the inaugural semester of Duke Kunshan University, one student organization is seeking to act as ambassadors for positive change and promote the student experience.

Trustees approve two new master's programs

The two degrees—one in quantitative financial economics and the other in biomedical science—were proposed at the Nov. 20 meeting of the Academic Council.

The Edge, 'a space for exploration,' opens in Bostock

Welcome to the library of the future—you can write on the walls.

GPSC urges addition of third graduate Young Trustee

To increase the representation of graduate student interests within the University, GPSC has passed a resolution urging the Board of Trustees to increase their graduate Young Trustees from two to...

Students report additional registration glitches, with windows open early

Reports of glitches in the registration process began rolling in from students shortly after midnight Thursday morning.

Student concerns lead to refined Shabbat theme

Although the event will otherwise go on as planned, Friday’s Shabbat dinner at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life will no longer reference the Bedouin people following vocal pushback from some...

That Time I... Fell out of the sky

Editor-in-Chief Carleigh Stiehm talks about the time she jumped out of an airplane one Saturday morning.

Au Bon Pain struggles during late-night hours

Au Bon Pain is facing a lack of business during nights and weekends that could potentially lead to a cut back on hours.

Editor's note

The Chronicle will be accepting letters to the editor remembering and honoring Alexander Rickabaugh and Kaila Brown, two students who passed away last weekend.

Duke endowment reaches record high of $7 billion

The endowment's previous peak came before the economic downturn, reaching $6.1 billion in 2008 before dropping more than 25 percent.

Senators sworn into DSG

The first meeting of the Duke Student Government Senate began with the traditional inauguration of senators Wednesday evening.

Be a part of our team

We all do it. Some of us engage in it more openly than others, but ultimately we are all using technology to stay in touch with the world around us.

Lavanya Sunder gears up for role as DSG president

From bikes to food trucks, it is hard to find someone who cares about the experience of Duke students more than Lavanya Sunder.

DSG executive vice president Sanka doles out advice for freshmen

"Student government is home to all types of campus leaders, and if you’re a first-year looking to make an impact on campus, definitely consider running."

DSG President Sunder maps out yearlong ambitions

"DSG is definitely committed to making the student experience this year as fulfilling as it was in years past, but it will be a challenge to make everyone happy."

Trustees to approve annual budget

The Board of Trustees will convene this weekend, and approving the budget for the 2014-15 year is at the top of their agenda.

DSG Judiciary will not hear president’s motion

The Judiciary will not hear a case from Duke Student Government to overturn the Judiciary’s decision to reallocate $40,000 worth of recovered funds to campus projects.

Duke Student Gov't Judiciary allocates reclaimed funds to campus projects

In a decision made entirely over email, the Duke Student Government Judiciary ruled that more than $40,000 recovered from inactive student groups will not go back to DSG Senate.

CollegiateACB founder to sell site following negative media attention

After more than 1,500 topics that span 103 pages on the Duke section alone, the founder of CollegiateACB has decided to sell the university gossip forum due to recent negative attention the website...

Incoming DUU president hopes to see more consistent programming

Perhaps best known for its Last Day of Classes committee, the Duke University Union has a much wider impact on the student experience than most realize. The new president of DUU—which is composed...