“If there’s one thing you can expect for certain, it’s uncertainty. Learn to love it.”

I am what I am when I am it

Did you know that as recently as the 1960s Duke’s University Security was writing letters back and forth with the FBI in collaborative efforts to identify potential homosexual members of the Duke...

The extroverted introvert

I am the type of person you would likely label an extrovert within the first few minutes of meeting.

The farce of Duke’s hook-up culture

Would you believe me if I told you that the “hook-up” culture we all believe to be so present at Duke is actually a farce?

The paradox of reporting rates

If a dramatic decrease in reporting rates of sexual assault on college campuses was to occur within the next year, we would not be applauding – but before you tune us out as entirely insensitive,...


Three years ago I was fifteen pounds lighter then I am now. I was also considerably fatter back then.

The other side of Me Too Monologues

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am more than a little obsessed with Me Too Monologues (MTM).

A call to affiliated upperclassmen

Recruitment season on campus is about to come to a close for Greek life and SLGs, leaving many students with voices inaudible above a whisper and a deep desire for nothing but their pillows after a...

Living the questions

“I just wish someone would tell me like, ‘This is how the rest of your life should look.’”

How to be "enough" in an all-or-nothing culture.

I remember thinking junior year of high school that if I could just get into Duke I would have proven to myself that I was enough.

Dedicated to those who need this article the most

We must show enough of our own vulnerabilities that others don’t feel the need to hide their own. So here we go.

WTF: What the F—eminist

“Women’s Studies? Why don’t we have Men’s Studies?”

Fit in and stand out! Some thoughts on identity

I’m going to let you in on a little secret—identity is a paradox (a statement that contradicts itself, yet somehow manages to be true).

In loving memory

This past week has been one of heartfelt loss mixed with bittersweet memories.

Pursuing an image vs. developing an identity

When I think back to myself as a first-year, taking my first steps on campus, I think of her as a completely different girl and yet the exact same one.

Time to let it all hang out

A: “How are you?”'

Cara Peterson

it's called a "victory lap"