Take a trip down one writer's memory lane

I do not profess to know more about sports than the average fan. Nor can I lay claim to any extraordinary writing skills.

Brey takes head coaching post at Delaware

Only a year after rumors began circulating that Duke men's basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski would leave for a job in the NBA, the prospect of the Blue Devils' losing a basketball coach has...

Brey leaves Blue Devils for Blue Hens [cont. from pg 1]

play three seasons at Northwestern (La.

Men's basketball signs second recruit

Matthew Christensen admitted he has always been a fan of Duke basketball. But it wasn't until Wednesday afternoon that he took the final step towards becoming part of the Blue Devil program.

Playground basketball requires extensive vocabulary

As the spring season comes into full bloom, so too does that venerable institution known as playground basketball.

Lacrosse seeks elusive win against UNC

The first time Duke ever played North Carolina in lacrosse, which also happened to be the first officially recorded lacrosse game in the state of North Carolina, the Blue Devils upended the Tar...

Lacrosse moves into national spotlight

During his first four years at Duke, Mike Pressler toiled and sweated over his duties as the Blue Devils' head lacrosse coach in what one might call a rather "cozy" atmosphere.

Basketball teams provided plenty of thrills, surprises

Look back at the past year in Duke basketball, and you're liable to see two different sides of the same coin. You're apt to find stories of triumphs and debacles, rebirths and downfalls.

NBA All-Stars: Selfish whiners provide disappointment

Not a year goes by that I don't look forward to the NBA's annual All-Star game with the enthusiasm of a dog chasing its tail.

Yet again, Childress leads Demon Deacons past Duke

With 30 seconds to go in the Duke men's basketball team's matchup with Wake Forest Saturday, the Demon Deacons got possession of the ball with one last shot at victory.

Jump on, jump off, Blue Devil fans ride the bandwagon

Looks like those guys from Sports Illustrated have been back on campus again, and it looks like they're up to their old tricks.

Crazy ACC season leaves every team with shot at title

When Clemson head coach Rick Barnes was asked earlier this season to predict where his squad would finish in the always-tough Atlantic Coast Conference, he said he had heard people pick the Tigers...

Dance of the basketball

This past fall as part of Barbara Dickinson's "Introduction to Dance" course, a few classmates and I choreographed and performed an original three to five minute dance program.

Bowl means more than just end of season

Ask anyone who has followed the resurgence of Duke football to describe this season, and the two words you're most likely to hear are "fairy tale.".

Lacrosse heads north for UVa rematch

Last Saturday, the Duke lacrosse team went into Charlottesville and pulled off a 9-8 upset of then second-ranked Virginia -- a victory head coach Mike Pressler called "the biggest win in the...

Nemesis Carolina next up for lacrosse

If there is such thing as momentum in sports, Duke's ninth-ranked lacrosse team has it now.

Lacrosse finally beats Navy after three years, 14-9

The Duke lacrosse team moved one step closer to being mentioned in the same breath with the nation's elite teams Saturday, as it sank Navy on the Midshipmen's home turf, 14-9.

Blue Devils get `down and dirty' in win over Temple


Lacrosse open season with 20-6 rout of Butler

By the time the Duke lacrosse team scored its first goal of the season Saturday against Butler, almost nine minutes had ticked off the clock.

Speed of soccer, violence of hockey awaits lax fans

Looking for something to fill that void between the time the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding showdown comes to a close tonight in Lillehamer and the time the men's basketball team takes on a raging...

Coach K and the Crazies: can`t we all just get along?

Well sports fans, it has all come down to this.

Lax's Oglesby returns as leading offensive threat

One month after the Duke lacrosse team completed its 1993 season, Matthew Ogelsby went on vacation.

Deeper, healthier lax looks to run back to NCAAs


Women's soccer took steps towards greatness in loss

All good teams are blessed with talent. Most can boast of a wealth of experience. The most successful add an element of depth.

Two tough Terps teams to invade the Soccer Stadium

Seldom, if ever, do you hear the Maryland Terrapins mentioned among the nation's soccer elite.

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