Watch List: Climb towers

From the Duke Chapel climb to illicit scaling of other buildings across campus, Duke students consider climbing structures to be an unofficial graduation requirement.

Watch List: Visit the Marine Lab

Since 1938, the Marine Lab has drawn adventurous students to Beaufort, N.C. But once there, it takes a little exploring—and a boat—to find the most interesting spot near the Marine Lab: Shackleford...

Spring Cleaning

A photographic essay inspired by spring's sunny skies.

Watch List: Get locked in Perkins

The Perkins Library bell, which rings only on weekends to indicate to students that it will close at midnight, sounds more like a fire alarm than it does a melodic goodbye.

Born to be Mild

Mopeds are well suited for thrifty students in need of transport around relatively quiet urban areas like Durham.

Notes from Shooters

A creative piece about attending Shooters II Saloon without beer goggles to cloud Duke students' drunken debauchery.

Watch List: Dance at Shooters II Saloon

A Duke experience may not be complete without at least one night spent dancing at Shooters II Saloon, located within walking distance from East Campus.

Watch List: Splurge on leftover food points

The office of Housing, Dining and Residence Life does not refund unused food points at the end of the semester, so students think of creative ways to get the most bang for their buck.

Watch List: Go tunneling

As one of Duke’s unofficial “graduation requirements,” students roam the maze of concrete steam tunnels located on East Campus.

Watch List: Eat everywhere on campus

Of the 39 eateries spread across Duke's main campus, graduate schools and the Duke University Medical Center, how many have you eaten at?

Your Blank Canvas

Now that tattoos are erasable, why are current clients more cautious with their body art than they were 20 years ago?

My Friend Ben

Perhaps Ben Ward's greatest accomplishment—of all of the many great ones—was in the sheer number of people he touched, and the ease with which he touched them.

A hybrid culture

As a Third Culture Kid, you feel like you belong everywhere, yet do not truly belong anywhere.

Watch List: Greek and SLG Rush

At the beginning of the Spring semester, greek and selective living group recruitment takes campus by storm. How did it all start?

Watch List: Common Ground

The student-led retreat program Common Ground facilitates discussions of core aspects that forge students’ identities.

Civil disobedience

Since the 1960s, duke students have sprung to action to protect their beliefs. from occupying the allen building to protesting wars, duke students have never been afraid to speak their minds.

Watch List: Library Party

Since 2007, Perkins Library has been one of the only university libraries in the country to host an annual grand-scale party.

Watch List: Last Day of Classes (LDOC)

As the second semester progresses, there is a buildup to one of the most infamous and anticipated days of the year, LDOC.

Watch List: Duke Chorale's Spring tour

While some students hop onto a crowded cruise ship this spring break, 55 members of Duke Chorale will squeeze onto a tour bus to New England for their annual tour.

Watch List: Old Duke

This year, like it has in the past, Old Duke seeks to kick off Duke’s end-of-year festivities with some old-school style.

Duke's technological transformation

Before students had personal computers, they waited in line to register for classes in person, paid typists to type up their assignments and competed to be the first to rip a page out of a library...

Watch List: Sophomore Academic Homecoming

This March, sophomores will celebrate their newly declared majors at the second annual Sophomore Academic Homecoming.

Watch List: Eid-al-fitr

Duke students share how their families celebrate three major Islamic holidays.

Duke researchers delve into decision making

Duke researchers in diverse fields are working together to figure out how people make decisions—from everyday choices to decisions that could affect the livelihoods of millions.

Watch List: Australian Santa Surfing

There are some weird holiday traditions that take place all over the world, but one of the most notable is Santa Surfing at Sydney, Australia’s Bondi Beach.