Cutcliffe: 'You showed the nation that your passion and spirit is unrivaled'

On behalf of our players, coaches and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Duke students who have made Wallace Wade Stadium a terrific home atmosphere this season—especially...

Letter to the Editor

I will not pretend to be an economist for one second, but investing in companies responsible for the degradation of this planet in the name of short-term monetary gains seems not only morally...

Jewish Studies faculty protest "Israel Shabbat: Bedouin Style"

It is imperative, at this tense moment, that Jews and Muslims on this campus be thoughtful about others.

A response to 'Israel Shabbat: Bedouin Style'

Duke Students for Justice in Palestine would like to bring to the attention of the Duke community an event that is taking place this Friday, titled ‘Israel Shabbat: Bedouin Style’.

In response to "N.C. Early Voting as Vulnerable to Election Fraud"

I am writing about a recent story entitled "N.C. Early Voting as Vulnerable to Election Fraud," which I fear adds fuel to an already roaring fire of misinformation and confusion.

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Unidos y fuertes

On October 15, the Editorial Board released an article evaluating Mi Gente’s Hispanic Heritage Month events.

Letter to the Editor

Your vote matters

Perhaps the most important Senate race in the country is happening in Duke’s backyard.

Student government will always be relevant—vote today

Today, residents of East Campus have the opportunity to elect Senators to Student Government advocating on behalf of the Class of 2018 to effectuate campus change.

Offense taken

In her May 21 column, Maggie Hammerle fervently expresses her criticisms of the “You Don’t Say?” campaign and strongly cautions against “hypersensitivity to words and phrases.”

In defense of sober Shooters

My relationship with Shooters has been one of the more turbulent, yet long lasting, I have had at Duke. We have raised each other up, and we have knocked each other down. The biggest step in our...

Response to “Friendship House welcome Divinity students and individuals with disabilities”

As active participants in Reality Ministries and frequenters of the Friendship House, we were delighted to see these communities recognized by The Chronicle.

Response to “Separation of powers in DSG”

At its last meeting, the Duke Student Government Senate set a new and dangerous precedent—they voted not to reconfirm the chief justice of the DSG Judiciary, voting 23 to 21 against sophomore...

Response to reported Program in Education images

Mi Gente response to “Education professor sparks conversation on representation of Latino faculty”

Mi Gente is offended and shocked at the Program in Education and its PowerPoint presentations that The Chronicle published last week.

Your chance to make an impact

How many of you want to lead an extraordinary life?

Remembering Becky DeNardis

A collection of letters remembering Becky from those who knew her the best.

Reorienting the discussion about sex work

We are Duke faculty members who engage in research and teaching related to sex, sexuality and sex work.

Political performance art

Rence Nemeh’s Duke Student Government presidential campaign was funny and raised a legitimate concern about how narrow social constructs of leadership stifle individuality.

The next step in our quest for equity at Duke

The Council for Collaborative Action... stands with Blue Devils United in proposing that Duke adopt the practice of asking an LGBTQ identity question on our application for undergraduate admission.

DukeAFRICA endorses Sunder for DSG President

On March 1st, members of the DukeAFRICA Executive Board met with the three Duke Student Government (DSG) presidential candidates for individual interviews.

Duke Libertarians endorse 40 Percent Plan

Duke Libertarians enthusiastically endorses The 40 Percent Plan.

Duke Mi Gente opposes The 40 Percent Plan

After meeting with student representatives for and against The 40 Percent Plan, Mi Gente is announcing its opposition against the plan’s negative impacts on the Duke community.