Letter to the Editor

Hough's comments following the New York Times editorial deserve criticism for their slackness and casual wording, not for racism.

Letter to the Editor

The Executive Committee of the Black Faculty Caucus supports the University's statement regarding last week's controversial comment on a New York Times editorial by James B. Duke Professor Jerry...

Letter to the Editor

To the Class of 2017, we are at a weird crossroads of adulthood and non-adulthood.

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

A Word of Thanks

Letter to the Editor

As a 1991 graduate of Duke University, I read with profound sadness the reports of recent racial tensions on campus that culminated with the discovery of a noose hanging in front of the Bryan...

Letter to the Editor

As a proud Duke graduate and beginning professor, my impulse is to celebrate any victory Duke achieves over UNC, but alas, I found nothing but a bitter taste when I heard of NC State Senator Tom...

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Facts and fairness are the foundation of responsible journalism

The most important questions implicated by the sexual assault allegations surrounding Rasheed Sulaimon include how to create a community in which two things are true.

Letter to the Editor

NPHC endorses Mecklai

BSA will not endorse any DSG presidential candidate

ESG endorses Mecklai and Guarco

JSU endorses Albert

The Jewish Student Union endorses Tucker Albert for DSG President.

IFC endorses Mecklai

I’m pleased to announce the Duke IFC has endorsed Keizra Mecklai for DSG President.

Honor Council endorses Tucker Albert

After interviewing both candidates, the Duke University Honor Council would like to formally endorse Tucker Albert for the position of Duke Student Government President.

Diya endorses Mecklai, Guarco and Gavai

After a careful deliberation of each candidate and what each stood for, Duke Diya’s executive board has chosen to endorse Keizra Mecklai for DSG President, John Guarco for DSG EVP and Nikhil Gavai...

Duke Democrats endorse Mecklai

Duke Democrats will endorse Keizra Mecklai for DSG president. We believe that both Shaker Samman and John Guarco would be excellent candidates for executive vice president.

DPU endorses Mecklai and Guarco

Duke Political Union is proud to endorse Keizra Mecklai for Duke Student Government President and John Guarco for Executive Vice President.

Club Sports endorses Albert

The Duke Club Sports Executive Board strongly endorses Tucker Albert for the position of DSG President.

DCR endorses Albert

The Duke College Republicans are pleased to lend their support to Tucker Albert in the DSG election.

BDU endorses Mecklai, Guarco and Sivaraman

Blue Devils United had the opportunity to meet with all of the candidates for Duke Student Government President, Executive Vice President and SOFC Chair.

Baldwin Scholars endorse Keizra Mecklai and John Guarco