The untold threat: Growing right-wing terrorism

Guest columnist Levi Brice gives his assessment of right-wing terrorism in the wake of the Emanuel AME Church shooting in South Carolina.

Whose plight is it anyway?

Trinity senior Imari Smith gives her rebuttal of Jonathan Zhao's recent column.

Should the next Dean of Duke Divinity School be a United Methodist?

Methodism, at its best, produces people of a big tent and hearts on fire. We might think twice before striking the former and dousing the latter.

Being a conscientious omnivore

I’ve been a vegetarian for about four years now.

Food insecurity on college campuses

Hunger is more than just a feeling.

To this Duke outsider, it’s just not the same

I am not a Cameron Crazy, but for several decades I’ve been crazy about Duke basketball.

Being more grateful for my next meal

After a long day of hard work, studying all day, taking tests and managing conflicting meetings, how nice it is to be able to sit down to a steaming, hot plate of fresh veggies, crispy French fries...

The Duke Common Experience

You asked; we delivered.

One of these things does not belong

LDOC is supposed to be the best day of the year.

On driving behind a truck

There is nothing that terrifies me more than driving on the highway.

If you want to be a doctor, then read this

Unsolicited advice is similar to finding Space Jam on TV: you’ll never actually seek it out, but when it accidentally butts its way into your life, it can certainly make a difference.

On being alone

When was the last time you were alone? Really, truly alone, without a familiar face to turn to, no one who could attest to the kind of person you are?


On Wednesday, April 1st, 2015, I woke up to several text messages, missed calls, and emails in response to the noose that was hung from a tree on my college campus.

Today’s social justice movement: leading urban education reform from the ground up

I stumbled into an Atlanta, Georgia high school classroom almost three years ago as a geometry teacher.

When you didn't say no, but you also didn't say yes

It was the last week of school when I briefly considered flinging my body over the balcony of my third floor apartment.

On forgiveness

Dear Becky,

A defense of civic engagement and awareness

I thank my parents very, very often for giving me the opportunity to be born on United States soil—to be a citizen in a country that appreciates my voice and position as a member of the community...

We remember the Armenian Genocide

“One day the gendarmes [Ottoman military police] came, and chased us out of our house.

Dermatology is not just aesthetics

Having volunteered in many skin cancer screening support events, I have seen the problems that patients with skin cancer have.

On Title IX compliance

I am Duke’s new Director of Title IX Compliance and I would like to introduce myself and share a bit about what Duke is doing in this area.

The paradox of reporting rates

If a dramatic decrease in reporting rates of sexual assault on college campuses was to occur within the next year, we would not be applauding – but before you tune us out as entirely insensitive,...

The truth about the Duke bubble

Here I am at Duke, human, quite simply trying to find the balance of caring about what’s in front of me and what’s going on far away, but still close at heart.

Feeling Muslim

Before college, I never felt Muslim.

Rejection denied

Universities can and must divest from fossil fuel companies on the basis that the industry threatens our climate and future on this planet.

Feeling unsafe and alone in Me Too

The first time I attended Me Too Monologues in January of my freshmen year, I remember bawling as “Please Don’t Touch Me” was performed on stage.