We remember the Armenian Genocide

“One day the gendarmes [Ottoman military police] came, and chased us out of our house.

Dermatology is not just aesthetics

Having volunteered in many skin cancer screening support events, I have seen the problems that patients with skin cancer have.

On Title IX compliance

I am Duke’s new Director of Title IX Compliance and I would like to introduce myself and share a bit about what Duke is doing in this area.

The paradox of reporting rates

If a dramatic decrease in reporting rates of sexual assault on college campuses was to occur within the next year, we would not be applauding – but before you tune us out as entirely insensitive,...

The truth about the Duke bubble

Here I am at Duke, human, quite simply trying to find the balance of caring about what’s in front of me and what’s going on far away, but still close at heart.

Feeling Muslim

Before college, I never felt Muslim.

Rejection denied

Universities can and must divest from fossil fuel companies on the basis that the industry threatens our climate and future on this planet.

Feeling unsafe and alone in Me Too

The first time I attended Me Too Monologues in January of my freshmen year, I remember bawling as “Please Don’t Touch Me” was performed on stage.

Islam has a long-standing place in American society

In the U.S.—where Islam is the third-largest religion and where, by 2030, almost two out of 100 Americans are projected to be Muslims —a growing controversy exists as to whether Islam and American...

Miro’s primitives

Miro: The Experience of Seeing” has been a major exhibit for the Nasher Museum of Art.

Administration & civic engagement—mystery or mysterium?

“Why do you need anybody to help you set up this office? You’ve got that picture of Gandhi—he worked with nothing!”

The secular question at Duke

The recent events regarding the Adhan on the Chapel Tower brought international focus to Duke University and sparked debates about tolerance, Islamophobia and the nature of donors to private...

Back diplomacy with pressure

As the Iranian nuclear talks continue, diplomatic success—and peace—hinge on increased pressure and Congressional oversight.

So take me back to Constantinople

Around the world, five times a day, muezzins ascend the minarets of their mosques, clear their throats and begin to chant “Allāhu akbar,” beginning the adhān that invites almost 1.8 billion Muslims...

Deconstructing the national fear of Duke’s Adhan

I am an Israeli Jew

The political correctness at the root of disordered university thinking

Sketching charlie

Shock, disbelief, then sadness.

Justice for Ferguson

On August 25, I left St. Louis to depart for my semester abroad in Italy.

The electoral fairytale

I remember exactly where I was during the deciding moments of the 2000 Presidential election.

The cost of cocaine

"Can you really afford it?"

Highs and lows

On Wednesday, October 22, while walking back to my dorm from the Bryan Center, I saw Mexican members of the Duke community holding a candle light vigil in front of the Chapel.

Sharing struggles with mental illness

Since breaking my silence three years ago, I have carried my experience with me wherever I go.

My experience at DKU

In April of my sophomore year, I made the decision to study abroad at Duke Kunshan University and take part in the inaugural semester of our University’s newest, and certainly most extravagant,...

Listen first, vote second

Is there any way to improve the tone of our national discourse, to alleviate the rancor that’s gripping our politics and society?

The travel paradox: finding home

No matter how many times I explain it, it doesn’t make any sense.