Finding home

Going home feels kind of weird.

Silent and opaque

Time is on my mind.

Perpetual silence

This past Friday night doesn’t seem real anymore, one of those hyper-real dreams that you wake up from and question, “Did it really happen that way?”

How to be "enough" in an all-or-nothing culture.

I remember thinking junior year of high school that if I could just get into Duke I would have proven to myself that I was enough.

A eulogy, exhumed

A few months ago, I wrote an article about a young man who had his life stripped away from him.

Employer sponsored insurance—a short term solution that never left

Back in the day paying for health care looked a little different than it does now.

In defense of #BlackLivesMatter

I am writing in response to a recent article titled “All lives matter,” which I found to be full of contradictions and false assumptions about race and racism in America.

The freedom of full disclosure

One of the most brilliant professors I’ve ever met once whispered something to me over lunch that I've never forgotten.

In retrospect

I remember crying on the night of December 12, 2012.

The politics of eating

I’ve stopped inviting friends to lunch at Au Bon Pain because we inevitably always end up having the same conversation.

DukeEngage has a branding problem

Yesterday, hundreds of Duke students found out whether or not they had been accepted into one of DukeEngage’s 26 international immersion programs.

Taxi talks in Catalonia

Flash back to 4 am central European time this past Monday. I'm at El Prat airport in Barcelona waiting to get checked-into my Ryanair flight when I realize that I forgot my passport at the hostel.

The wake of Black Friday: what are the best practices?

The movement of the beginning of the holiday shopping season from Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day has driven a vicious wedge between enthusiastic consumers, retailers, staunch holiday...

My 2015 wish list: a better forever

What’s on my wish list for 2015?

For the love of turkey

Let me be the first to say that I love Thanksgiving.

That awkward moment

We’ve all had that one moment when a well thought out expletive just wasn’t enough.

All lives matter

We need to reevaluate the way we talk about race in the United States.

Study season

With exams fast approaching, it’s time to finally start doing the semester’s assigned readings and reviewing teachers’ slides on Sakai.

Turkey or tandoori?

Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday.

The plunge

After spending a semester of giving amazing advice to the most hopeless and desperate freaks around, your guardian devil is need of an emergency vacation ASAP because your problems and issues and...

Faith at institutions of higher education

God. Religion. Faith. In my experience, these words are often banned from intellectual conversation except in criticism.

Check yourself

“Split or together?”


Like 10, 959, 922 people other people as of today, I love Humans of New York.

The privilege of exams

We think we are exceptional. And it is true.

Breaking bread

I spent this past weekend in a stress-induced haze, mostly because I realized I have entire semester’s worth of work I haven’t done and my parents already told me they aren’t going to buy me four...