Act, when there is still a way

On speech, equality and Yik Yak

I learned two things about Yik Yak this past summer: first, that it existed and, second, that my home Yak feed was awful.

Here’s my card

My babysitters in elementary school were a series of undergrads from a local university.

When you finish those ALPs

I recently said goodbye to my pre-major advisor and hello to my new major.

Game of [whatever those swingy bench things on the BC Plaza are called]

As everyone surely already knows, the fifth season of Game of [whatever those swingy bench things on the BC Plaza are called] is returning to television in the coming weeks.

Hello stranger

The man behind the Publix counter stares as I pack my groceries.

Hello, my name is not housekeeper

Duke University employs over 250 staff who are hired as housekeepers for the maintenance of the community spaces on a weekly bases.

Life and times of throwing shade

The expression “throwing shade” has somehow found its way into mainstream media and is now everywhere.

Science or sorcery?

It’s no secret that my favorite thing about Duke is the incredible research culture.

I love you (too)

“I love you.”

Let us be Crazie

The snow is gone and green leaves peak out from tree branches as spring rolls in. More importantly, my Facebook newsfeed and email is full of brackets. March Madness is upon us.

Flushing away our dreams

It is 3pm on sunny March day and you have just enjoyed hearty meal of orange chicken and tasty lo-mein from the Panda Express.

Stranger than fiction

Where are you from?

A friendly reminder

Mountains beyond mountains, mountains here at home

Why we obsess over sports

The NCAA tournament is slowly upon us and it seems like everyone is hosting their own bracket competition.

Building defense and confidence

I grip my fist tight in the palm of my hand, plant my feet shoulder width-apart and whip my elbow around, making firm contact with the shield.

The extroverted introvert

I am the type of person you would likely label an extrovert within the first few minutes of meeting.

Hollaback! at rape culture

Maybe you’ve been there. Have you ever walked down the street—or past a fraternity bench—and heard unwelcome, objectifying comments about your body?

I am because we are

These words adorn many shirts in my closet, but I didn’t fully appreciate their meaning until I participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference over spring break.

Who is your hero?

My hero is not just one person.

An ode to hypocrisy

Here’s a fun fact: about three and a half years ago, a significant portion of the current senior class were vegetarians.

Floss and the power of habit

As a dental hygienist, the second thing my grandma would often say to me after “Hello” was, “You haven’t been flossing, have you?”

Thank you, Grandpa

From their final resting place, you can see the waves of the English Channel softly break onto the shores.