Restless but ready

I am in the midst of that awkward period of summer after school lets out but before my internship starts.

Performance review: a preview

There are hundreds of organizations and dozens of departments on campus, but what are they doing for students?

Sometimes, it's more than just a cooler

The formal cooler is more than just a cooler for many at Duke.

Rolling Stone ethically absent

Outside the obligatory retraction and apology, Rolling Stone’s attempts to rectify the colossal damage Erdely’s story caused ring hollow.

Monday Monday: the Paul Farmer edition

Sometimes, you think the world makes sense but then out of nowhere respected humanitarians will suddenly begin hurling upsetting and problematic non-sequiturs at you.

Feminism needs a reconstructive re-branding

If feminism is to succeed, what it needs is a rebranding a la Steven Pinker.

On the illusion of disillusion

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been disappointed while at Duke.

Enjoy the drive

In my four years at Duke, I have driven up Chapel Drive hundreds of times.

It's the climb

For us, there is no better view of Duke University than the halls of 301 Flowers.

Into Durham’s waiting arms

Look baby, when we first met, you thought you saw something in me.

Forever chronicling

I have no words.


I’m a list maker. I make lists.


Invisibility is my specialty.

The end

Writing this column has been shamelessly self-indulgent, but I’d be remiss to define my final semester of college in any other way.

No regrets

Since my first day of freshman year, I have written more than 150 stories, edited more than three volumes worth of articles and clocked in more hours in 301 Flowers than I would care to admit.

Big girls do cry

I lived and died by the rule of ‘no new friends’ long before Drake made it cool, but this made my transition to Duke very difficult.

Road trips down memory lane

Nothing gets me excited quite like a road trip.

Students celebrate last day of existence

“It’s great. It’s like normal LDOC, but no hangovers.”

Lessons Learned

Dear incredible Duke: It’s been quite the ride.

Shout out to 2015

In my first column, “Dear Duke,” I shared a few life lessons that I’ve learned during my time here at Duke.

How Duke failed its students in 2014

It has not been a great year for elections.


They say that humor is like alchemy.

I got lucky with Duke

Remember your decision to come to Duke?

Tis better to have loved and lost? Not always.

“Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

E pluribus plures

When my middle and high-school orchestra teacher first exposed me to South Indian classical music, my musical sensibilities were offended.