“Oh, I don’t need to go to CAPS.”

The bigger picture

Sniper"—some ripping apart its glorification of what they believe is portrayed as an oversimplified war, others supporting its exposure of the psychological, emotional and physical trauma faced by...


Hello and how are you?

You're a circle, I'm a square and that's okay

One of the most fertile re-conceptualizations in abstract mathematics is the shift from the question, “Does x equal y?” to the question, “Do x and y share enough properties that, as far as their...

Beyond a black and white view

“Everyone throws around the world ‘terrorist’ here,” i24 News senior anchor and Israeli Arab Lucy Aharish said in a small, seminar-style room.

How to capture young invincibles when invincibility isn’t the problem

Despite the penalties under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) associated with not buying health insurance, there is still a subset of the population that refuses to purchase insurance policies.


I was waiting in line for the school bus when he came up to me. We knew each other only vaguely. “It’s your fault my dad is in Iraq,” he said, as he punched me in the face.

A call to affiliated upperclassmen

Recruitment season on campus is about to come to a close for Greek life and SLGs, leaving many students with voices inaudible above a whisper and a deep desire for nothing but their pillows after a...

Loaded questions, loaded answers

“How were your holidays?”

No more unpaid internships

Barcelona, please take me back.

Genocide denial is alive and well

This Saturday, a prominent Armenian Genocide denier will deliver a lecture on campus.

What does Christian privilege look like at Duke University?

In light of last week’s controversy over the University’s decision – and then reversal of that decision – to allow the Muslim Adhan to be broadcast from the top of the Chapel, I’ve been thinking...

Food (in)tolerance

It took me 18 years to realize that experiencing stomachaches, indigestion or nausea after meals is not normal.

Learning how to spell

Back in elementary school, I once argued with my parents over the spelling of the word “farm.”

Getting reacquainted

Since returning to the United States just more than a month ago, I’ve been preparing for my role new role on campus as a washed-up junior.

Quit talkin' Yak

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will… anonymously assault you?

Quiz me (no, really)

Here’s something I never thought I’d say—I wish I was tested more.

Welcome to New York

“Welcome to New York.” I heard the phrase crackle over the speakers.

Trash your doubts, recycle

I have never encountered a Duke student with strong feelings about napkin color.

Beneath the surface of our skin

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt that something crucial has been missing from our conversations about race.

Who are you?

I recently attended a panel discussion held by the Baldwin Scholars program titled “Inhabiting the Frontier.”

The whole wide world

Catching up with my grandmother over winter break, I shared some of my highlights at Duke.

Pipe dreams

One of the biggest fears I have is that I’m not going to be a writer.

Grieving for multiple reasons: reflections on Charlie Hebdo

I want to clearly make one point—every human life is of equal value.

How we wish Duke went

President Brodhead and I have had our disagreements­—all of which are in my head, since he has no idea I exist—but the most relevant of our imaginary feuds was his claim on my admissions letter...