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“How was study abroad?”

Last semester I was abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a non-Duke program called “Transnationalism and Comparative Development in South America.” With a group of 14 other American students, I have taken classes on comparative development, transnationalism and research ethics. Through the program, I went to Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. Our program was affiliated with the Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social (Institute of Economic and Social Development), which is a research non-profit. Our program was not affiliated with any American university.

How I learned to be Asian-American

This column was born because I was tired of not being able to express my Asianness. I’ll admit that I spent my first three years at Duke trying to figure ...

Learning to see clearly

After four years, I feel an enduring gratitude to Duke for the ways in which it has shaped me and helped me to continue the process of defining who I ...

Glad I stayed

Of the six or so clubs I joined at the start of my freshman year, The Chronicle was the only one I stuck to until the end.