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We were once strangers too

In the book of Exodus, the God of the Jewish people states: “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.” In this passage, God recognizes the pain Jews experienced as slaves in a foreign land, but he adds an addendum: they must not do the same to foreigners among them. While I recognize that any text can be used for a political purpose, I believe this verse speaks to Jewish values today because of its invocation of collective memory.


Syrian refugees

In a rare foray into the political scene, I have the following thoughts about the recent discussion regarding the refugee crisis. But first let me back up.


Sorry, I like Carly

“And then she laid off all the 40,000 people. And she says she’s a great CEO. Every time I see her on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her.” So joked a veteran at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire early last week.