Jonathan Zhao is not alone

If you are in the business of changing society, you must deal with the people you have today – not the ones you hope to meet in a more enlightened world.

The productivity of wasting time

Only two weeks after I completed my spring semester finals, I was swiftly whisked back into the Duke bubble. However, this bubble was quite different from the one to which I had grown accustomed...

First epistle of Paul

A transfer student discusses his decision to attend Duke in order to continue his journey of self-discovery.

On absolutes

Compromise at a large scale seems scarce and emphatic, matter-of-fact opinions ubiquitous.

Clothes maketh the man (but not the woman)

Why are we as a society far more forgiving of a woman dressing in men's clothes than we are of the opposite?

Popping the question – how and why to engage patients in health care

Patient engagement has become, over the past few decades, a focal interest of many stakeholders in the healthcare world.

SOS forests

If a tree falls in North Carolina, can it make the lights go on in London? The European Union seems to think so, along with a rapidly expanding industry that’s cutting down trees to burn for energy.

Sensationalism for a Month, Inner City Devastation Forever

Learning to listen

I remember the time I first heard the word “privilege.”

Leave the science to the scientists

Front seat stories

Our world is one of front seat stories and of shared motivation, not the binary of front seat and back seat, each person shielded blindly from the other by social and physical barriers.

Monday Monday: The plight of disabled America

No deal or no deal

For more than a year now, President Obama and his negotiating team have been on the hunt for his “Tear down this wall” moment—getting Iran to officially give up pursuit of nuclear weapons.

And the chocolate factory: what a 50-year-old children's book can teach our generation

Just over a year ago, receiving my acceptance letter from Duke felt like winning the Golden Ticket.

Where in the world to study?

But even with the incredible opportunities that Duke presents to students, I also wonder what social and political forces lead us into certain areas of study and to what extent students are free to...

Choosing between fear and love

We might not be aware of it, but too many of our relationships are rooted to a foundation of fear that is fixated instinctually on serving ourselves.

Summers of opportunity

Discerning who one wants to be must always precede knowing what it is that one should do to become that person.

PacSun's memorial mistake

The new world of social media combined with PC culture and accelerated through a tipping-point/cascade effect have made just about anything potentially controversial.

The plight of black America

The greatest obstacle to the advancement of black Americans isn’t racism or past injustices but rather the black community itself.

To the class of 2015

My application to be the Class of 2015 commencement speaker was overlooked.

American patriotism: what it “truly” means today

Was it easier to be patriotic in 1776 than it is today?

Restless but ready

I am in the midst of that awkward period of summer after school lets out but before my internship starts.

Performance review: a preview

There are hundreds of organizations and dozens of departments on campus, but what are they doing for students?

Sometimes, it's more than just a cooler

The formal cooler is more than just a cooler for many at Duke.

Rolling Stone ethically absent

Outside the obligatory retraction and apology, Rolling Stone’s attempts to rectify the colossal damage Erdely’s story caused ring hollow.