This year’s Winter Forum, hosted by the Duke Global Health Institute, focused on medical and media policy issues of a simulated pandemic.

Forum brings together diverse group to discuss health crises

What should be done if the world faces the crisis of a pandemic?

Betty Makoni, a gender activist who was raped when she was six years old, spoke about her work to Duke Medicine employees Tuesday.

Makoni fights to empower women

Betty Makoni was raped at age six, a tragedy not uncommon in her native Zimbabwe. As an adult, she has worked against such injustices and has rescued more than 35,000 girls and women since 1999.

Duke accepts record number of early applicants

Anxiously sitting at their computers, 645 high school seniors learned of their admittance to the Class of 2015 Tuesday evening.

Q&A with Richard Newell

An expert on the economics of sustainable energy, Richard Newell is the Gendell Associate Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics at the Nicholas School.

The potential elimination of the annual Quadrangle & First Year Housing fee is part of an internal funding change due to reorganizations within RLHS.

Uni plans to cut annual quad fees

Although students will still have to pay an increased dining contract fee, they may get a break paying for quad fees in the future.

Arts and Sciences Council members passed a new policy making most transfer credits ineligible for Modes of Inquiry requirements at their meeting Thursday.

Transfer credit will no longer count for MOI

A new policy will make it more difficult for Dukies to fulfill some graduation requirements.

LVP for student affairs Larry Moneta announced in September that an increase in the student dining fee may remain in place until 2013, after DSG members agreed last Spring to implement it for one year only.

DSG, admins dispute dining fee agreement

Changes to Duke Dining’s leadership have revealed misunderstandings and poor communication between administrators and student representatives.

Charlotte Clark, visiting assistant professor at the Nicholas School of the Environment, will lead a new DukeEngage program in Louisiana, which will help with the recovery from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

New DukeEngage programs to aid recovery from oil damage

Two new DukeEngage programs will focus on helping the environment recover from damage caused largely by the oil industry.

Duke Student Government members voted to pass several amendments to its election bylaw at their meeting Wednesday night.

Senate sticks with IRV system

Despite some support for a first-past-the-post voting system, DSG elections will continue to be determined by instant runoff voting, the Senate decided last night.

Fuqua, law school see high employment rates

As the economy begins to recover, students from the Fuqua School of Business and the School of Law are increasingly finding employment worldwide.

The last Super Tuesday event of the Fall featured professors who discussed China’s rise and the potential for a “currency war” between China and the U.S.

Panel examines China’s rising power

The rise of China may not necessarily be at the expense of the United States, three professors noted during a panel Tuesday night.

Duke hosted a discussion Tuesday to analyze whether the recent WikiLeaks disclosure of sensitive diplomatic cables will impact U.S. foreign relations.

Panelists debate harm of WikiLeaks release

WikiLeaks has broad and potentially negative implications for the future of the United States—particularly with respect to foreign policy initiatives and the sharing of information with the public,...

Robinette, Satell file civil rights complaints

The University responded last week to two civil rights complaints filed with the U.S. Department of Education by seniors Justin Robinette and Cliff Satell.

DUSDAC met to present the remaining evaluations for campus eateries Monday. They also discussed updates to Alpine Atrium and Alpine Bagels. Next semester, Alpine Bagels will have a larger presence in K-ville for tenters.

Committee submits remaining evaluations

Members of Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee presented the remaining end-of-semester evaluations for campus eateries Monday night.

Economics is still the most popular major at Duke, despite a decline in the number of students pursuing the field. This past year, 207 students graduated from the economics department, down from 335 students in 2001-2002.

Econ still most popular major among undergrads

Economics remains the most popular major at Duke, but the number of majors has decreased significantly since 2001-2002.

Program allows students to study abroad in North Korea

Despite North Korea’s strict policies for foreign travelers, some American students now have the opportunity to study in the isolated country.

Distributor’s vehicle, home broken into

The long-time distributor of The Chronicle had her car stolen and house broken into early last Wednesday.

Board OKs $5.5M for Kunshan

The Board of Trustees approved initial funding this weekend for construction oversight of the first phase of Duke’s campus in Kunshan, China.

OSC looks into reports of cheating

The Office of Student Conduct is investigating reports of cheating on the third exam of an introductory chemistry class.

Group to discuss entrepreneurship, international expansion

The Board of Trustees will focus discussion this weekend on entrepreneurship, internationalization and risk assessment.

Wednesday’s “Law and Order- Special Victims Unit” featured a premise that closely paralleled Karen Owen’s now infamous PowerPoint, featuring a young woman murdered after the circulation of her “Lay List.”

Popular TV show airs episode inspired by Owen PowerPoint

After a raunchy PowerPoint detailing the sexual encounters of a Duke alumna went viral, some sympathetic Dukies found themselves asking a rhetorical question: Could it get any worse?

A panel of expert investors gathered to discuss the financial downturn, lessons learned and the future of the global economy in the School of Law Thursday. The panelists included two members of the Board of Trustees.

Financial moguls discuss state of global economy

A group of leading investors discussed lessons learned from the financial crisis in the School of Law Thursday.

Members of the Academic Council discussed plans for Duke’s Kunshan campus and the status of Duke Athletics at their meeting Thursday.

First phase of China campus to cost $11M

The completion of “Phase One” of Duke’s new campus in Kunshan, China will require an estimated investment of $11 million, the Academic Council learned Thursday.

Uni hires Johnson as new housing and dining AVP

The University will welcome a new addition to its administration at the end of January.

State of Dining deficit unclear, admins say

The current financial state of Duke Dining is still unknown and cannot be fully determined until next Spring, said Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta.