HackDuke broadens scope in second year

More than 500 students spent their weekend furiously coding as part of HackDuke—an initiative in which students design software to address real-world problems.

Neuroscience and philosophy seminars to inspire mingling of disciplines

The program will allow twenty leading scholars in both fields to converge at Duke for an intensive fifteen-day period where they will work collaboratively and ultimately explore new research...

Lynne O’Brien, associate vice provost of digital and online initiatives, said the number of proposals submitted by faculty members looks promising and has been growing every year.

Duke seeks faculty ideas for digital initiatives

As Duke accepts proposals for online education for the third year, the University continues to look for new ways that professors can embrace digital techniques.

Keohane gives first political theory talk since departure

Keohane, Duke’s first female president, served from 1993 to 2004 and is credited with advancing Duke’s global reputation and increasing faculty diversity.

Strategic plan aims to integrate with academic revamps

Provost Sally Kornbluth presented the University's strategic planning process to the Arts and Sciences Council Thursday, noting how it might intersect with the current system in place to revamp...

Student concerns lead to refined Shabbat theme

Although the event will otherwise go on as planned, Friday’s Shabbat dinner at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life will no longer reference the Bedouin people following vocal pushback from some...

DSG supports academic links to Durham

The Senate passed the Durham Education Initiative Resolution, which expresses support for the creation of more Durham and regionally-oriented classes, and a FOCUS cluster centered exclusively...

Senior Robbie Florian sits on the Chapel Quad every day at 4 p.m. and reads from the Harry Potter series.

Public Harry Potter readings draw curiosity

As dusk begins to set, just before the Chapel bells ring to signify the day drawing to a close, the wind begins to carry whispers of the story of a boy in the wizarding world.

An investigation into academic integrity involves 217 students enrolled in Computer Science 201 this semester and 208 in the Spring.

Students raise concerns over computer science investigation

The deadline for current and former Computer Science 201 students to turn themselves in for academic dishonesty passed Wednesday night.

Jaunique Sealy, president of luxury cosmetics company Cosmedicine, led a panel discussion with alumni working in arts and media as part of DEMAN weekend.

DEMAN weekend sees 'inspiring' growth

As Duke continues placing increased emphasis on preparing students for futures in the arts, the expansiveness and reach of its programming has followed suit.

Food trucks return for weekend afternoons

Weekend food trucks have returned to West Campus, with a first appearance by Humble Pig this past Sunday.

DUSDAC discussed the current stages of bringing Satisfaction on board the Merchants-on-Points program at their meeting Wednesday.

Satisfaction officially named Merchants-on-Points vendor

The Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee confirmed that Satisfaction Bar and Grill will be added to the Merchants-on-Points program during their meeting Monday.

Each year, approximately 100 individuals from across campus attend the Veteran's Day ceremony in front of the Chapel, which includes the recitation of the national anthem and remarks from Vice President of Administration Kyle Cavanaugh.

Recognizing those 'put in harm's way'

With the number of veteran students on the rise, Duke's annual ceremony commemorating Veterans Day will take place in front of the Chapel Tuesday.

Kassa Korley has earned the title of International Master, the second highest title awarded by the World Chess Federation.

'My passions were what drove me': senior reflects on chess success

Playing chess comes so naturally to senior Kassa Korley that he cannot even remember how he first learned the game.

The Hudson Center, a new home for the Duke Eye Center, will accommodate more faculty and staff and better address patient needs.

Eye Center expands after decades in small space

The new facility, which started construction in 2012 and will finish July 2015, is being built in the parking lot next to the current Wadsworth Eye Center.

Senior Daniel Kort, president of Blue Devils United, said that the 30 student leaders he presented to at IvyQ unanimously supported the introduction of Duke's LGBTQ-inclusive question.

LGBTQ-inclusive question well-received by peer institutions

"It will be critical for us to elevate and embrace the values of marginalized people and groups within our demographic."

Student-run Over Easy brings breakfast directly to campus

A new gourmet breakfast delivery service has arrived on campus—the latest of a number of additions to Duke's food scene.

Updated: Course registration postponed after ACES issues

Course enrollment windows have been postponed after an issue with ACES this morning caused problems with registration for seniors.

Computer science department launches academic dishonesty investigation

The computer science department has launched an investigation into academic integrity violations in core course Computer Science 201.

Senators for Equity and Outreach introduce the identity representative program at the DSG meeting Wednesday evening.

'Identity representative' program to aid students in-house

Students struggling with issues of their identity may soon have a peer to turn to for support within their dormitories.

Duke receives more than 3,100 early applications

Duke has received more than 3,100 Early Decision applications for the Class of 2019.

Students flock to Loop Bar for Election Night watch party (Video)

Watching on dual screens featuring both CNN and Fox News, students across a variety of political denominations turned out to the watch party event hosted by Duke Political Review, Duke Political...

GPSC urges administration to abandon continuation fees

A resolution urging administration to eliminate the $6,324 per year fee for humanities Ph.D. students beyond their fifth year of study was approved Tuesday.

Members of Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee singled the restaurant out as a top choice to join the MOP program at their meeting Monday.

Satisfaction becomes frontrunner to join MOP

In order for Satisfaction to officially join, a contract with Duke Dining will need to be finalized, with the earliest possible start date for delivery around Thanksgiving.

Duke to expand mix of in-person and online education

As Duke continues its involvement with online education, administrators face questions of how courses might be counted for credit and how new adaptations might be brought to the physical classroom.