Keizra Mecklai elected DSG president

Duke Student Government election results were announced Tuesday at 11 p.m.

Former Duke football player Zach Maurides designed an app to help other student-athletes.

Alumni's app helps student-athletes manage hectic lives

As a freshman, former football player Zach Maurides, Duke '07, was juggling schoolwork and a hectic training schedule, and he often found it hard to keep up.

AmigoSan, a food truck centered in Raleigh, presented to the Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee on Monday.

DUSDAC considers Asian-Hispanic fusion cuisine

"Ten years ago, I never thought I’d be cooking with kale and fried tofu."

Board of Trustees approves 4 percent tuition increase

Undergraduate tuition will increase to $47,650 next year—bringing the total cost of attendance to $63,273, the highest in the University's history and a 3.8 percent increase from this year.

Divest Duke held a rally in front of the Allen Building to call on the University to divest from fossil fuels last year.

Divest Duke reevaluates lobbying efforts after administration's rejection

Divest Duke is the student group that urged the University to remove its investments in the top-200 publicly-traded companies that hold a majority of the world's coal, oil and natural gas resources.

SOFC chair candidate Nikhil Gavai talks vision for balanced committee

"I see the SOFC chair as more of an advisor and a leader in that respect—not somebody that makes a decision themselves but someone who helps his or her committee members reach that decision."

SOFC chair candidate Apara Sivaraman maps out transparency goals

"I know all the bylaws and committee members very well, so I feel that there won’t be much of a learning curve for me as I take on the role."

John Guarco cites DSG experience in EVP race

"I think I can bring this experience and help the incoming freshmen next year, because the primary role of the EVP is to preside over the legislative process of the Senate and to ensure a smooth...

EVP candidate Shaker Samman discusses DSG changes ahead

"I really want to be EVP because I want to make us better as an organization, as a group, to better serve our peers, to better serve our own interests—we’re students as well—as well as everybody...

SOFC chair candidate Sanford Morton plans for efficient committee

"[SOFC is] interested in making it as equitable as possible, and we all have backgrounds in scenarios where things weren’t equitable, and we want that to not be the case on Duke’s campus."

VIDEO: Class canceled again, massive snowball fights Wednesday night

Winter weather caused the fourth cancellation of classes in two weeks the past two days.

Anatomy of a snow day

Who makes the decision to cancel classes?

Duke announced that all classes during the day Thursday would be canceled as a result of the snow accumulation expected Wednesday evening.

Snow leads to canceled classes

The heaviest snowfall of the year so far led to canceled classes for the third time in two weeks.

For some, humanities find answers in interdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinary collaborations in the humanities have emerged as a way to sustain a field increasingly besieged by criticism.

Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein spoke Tuesday at the Sanford School of Public Policy, as part of the Hart Leadership Program’s Connect to Politics speaker series.

Klein urges students to devote themselves to service

“It’s about devoting yourself full-time to something that isn’t about you."

Despite low attendance due to inclement weather, GPSC convened Tuesday to discuss revisions to bylaws, pass two environmental resolutions and hear about the new strategic plan.

GPSC reviews wish list for new strategic plan

“This steering committee is really looking for input from graduate and professional students."

Junior Tucker Albert is currently running for DSG president.

Albert aims to foster campus community

Currently DSG vice president for social culture, Albert is hoping to become the next DSG president in the March 3 election.

Junion Keizra Mecklai is currently running for DSG president.

Mecklai plans to make improvements in campus equity

Mecklai—a junior from Sacramento, Calif.—currently serves as the DSG vice president of equity and outreach.

Less than an inch of snow accumulated Tuesday afternoon, causing the provost to cancel classes starting before 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Weather leads to canceled class for second time in February

Little more than a week after the University's first snow day of the year, winter weather has caused more canceled classes.

Whip-its are typically small canisters, such as whipped cream cans or balloons, filled with nitrous oxide that is inhaled to induce a dizzy, euphoric feeling—lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Whip-its: not a 'safer way to get high'

Inhalants known as whip-its have a growing presence in Duke's mainstream social culture—but though they are legal, they are more dangerous than many realize, experts claim.

West Union to open in phases

With the ground floor of West Union on track to open as expected in Spring 2016, the entirety of the building will not be fully operational until Fall 2016.

Clockwise from top left, honorary degree recipients: David Levin, McCoy Tyner, France Cordova, Rakesh Jain, Renee Fleming, Harold Mooney and Michael Feinberg.

Duke to award six honorary degrees at Commencement 2015

President Richard Brodhead congratulated the recipients and acknowledged their influence on Duke seniors.

At their meeting Monday evening, DUSDAC discussed the possibility of hosting a food truck rodeo on campus with the help of funding by DSG.

Food truck rodeo on the table for DUSDAC

Students may be able to enjoy current favorites and try new dining options free of charge at an upcoming food truck rodeo sponsored by DUSDAC and DSG.

The Academic Council spent most of its meeting privately discussing Duke Kunshan University, pictured above.

DKU discussed in private Academic Council session

"It was decided it would be better if the comments were not reported out in a way that could be misunderstood."

Video: Cameron Crazies celebrate victory with burning benches

Despite single-digit temperatures Wednesday night, Cameron Crazies did not have to worry about the cold.