Students have questioned the effectiveness of the new Philo systems after experiencing delays and interruptions.

With Roku television streaming, some students want to change the channel

Duke’s change to an Internet streaming service for campus televisions has been met with criticism from many students.

Project Arts debuts amid increase in pre-orientation apps

Project Arts, set to debut in August 2015, will focus on introducing interested freshmen to Duke's art community and emphasize engagement with the city of Durham.

DSG sponsors weekend bus service to Southpoint

Duke Student Government will soon be starting a bimonthly bus service to Southpoint Mall and Target on Saturdays.

Anatomy of a snow day

Who makes the decision to cancel classes?

Duke announced that all classes during the day Thursday would be canceled as a result of the snow accumulation expected Wednesday evening.

Snow leads to canceled classes

The heaviest snowfall of the year so far led to canceled classes for the third time in two weeks.

Whip-its are typically small canisters, such as whipped cream cans or balloons, filled with nitrous oxide that is inhaled to induce a dizzy, euphoric feeling—lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Whip-its: not a 'safer way to get high'

Inhalants known as whip-its have a growing presence in Duke's mainstream social culture—but though they are legal, they are more dangerous than many realize, experts claim.

Video: Cameron Crazies celebrate victory with burning benches

Despite single-digit temperatures Wednesday night, Cameron Crazies did not have to worry about the cold.

Duke student selected as finalist for Mars expedition

Senior Laurel Kaye is one of 100 finalists in Mars One's plan to colonize the Red Planet.

The 2013 p-checks concert featured the Knocks, pictured, as well as DJ A-Trak and Tim Gunter.

Snow cancels Krzyzewskiville concert for second consecutive year

For the second year in a row, the personal checks concert in Krzyzewskiville has been canceled due to inclement weather.

Dartmouth College imposed a campus-wide ban on hard liquor two weeks ago, but Duke is maintaining its policy of barring student events from serving it.

Duke maintains alcohol policies as peers ban hard liquor

Dartmouth College imposed a campus-wide ban on hard liquor two weeks ago, joining the ranks of schools including Bowdoin and Bates Colleges.

T-Pain is set to perform at LDOC this year, as well as Jeremih, MisterWives and student Spencer Brown (not pictured).

T-Pain, Jeremih to headline Duke LDOC 2015

After much anticipation, the official 2015 LDOC line-up has been announced.

Students celebrate at Last Day of Classes festivities.

Students disappointed by LDOC committee's fake release

The fake release of this year’s LDOC lineup caused a commotion on campus, and students have openly expressed their disappointment.

Duke stands by Yik Yak as other schools move to restrict

As a number of university administrations across the nation take action against Yik Yak, Duke stands by its current policies on the anonymous student forum.

Public forum stimulates dialogue on call to prayer

"The Duke Chapel adhan can’t be answered in the abstract. We have to ask was it right in this time, in this place, for these people."

Duke Student Government has partnered with Counseling and Psychological Services and the Student Wellness Center to put together its first Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Awareness Month aims to fight stigma

Duke Student Government has partnered with Counseling and Psychological Services and the Student Wellness Center to put together its first Mental Health Awareness Month.

Me Too Monologues expands nationally

Me Too Monologues opens Friday night with student interest at an all-time high.

Selective living groups become more competitive

Selective living groups saw significant increases in the number of applicants this recruitment season, but the number of bids extended remained limited.

Muslim students respond to adhan backlash

In the wake of media attention surrounding the relocation of the weekly Muslim call-to-prayer, some members of the Duke community are reflecting on the ramifications of the University's decision.

Cold gives K-Ville slow start

Due to the cold temperatures, line monitors called grace in K-ville and sent tenters back to their beds for the first three nights.

Duke Schools of Medicine, Law hold die-ins

Continuing the student activism seen across campus this month, both the School of Law and the School of Medicine held die-in demonstrations Wednesday.

#WeAreHereDuke campaign urges action against sexual assault

As Duke’s sexual assault policies continue to be revised, a student-run campaign is encouraging community action across campus.

Full-time Title IX coordinator begins work

Duke has appointed its first full-time director of Title IX compliance.

University continues to update sexual assault policy

As sexual assault on college campuses continues to capture the national spotlight, Duke has tightened its policies in an attempt to increase awareness.

Brown named new CSGD director

The decision was based on Brown's previous leadership and youth-oriented experiences.

Students on campus during break find alternative Thanksgiving options

With most campus eateries closed, buses running on reduced schedules and the majority of students at home, the students who were on campus made the best of Thanksgiving at Duke.