The DSG Senate passed a budgetary statute which will distribute roughly $180,000 into the annual budget over the next three years.

DSG allocates additional group funding for next three years

“This is quite possibly the biggest reallocation [of SOFC funds] in recent history."

Dean of Academic Advising Elizabeth Fox addressed the Senate about the state of the advising program.

Duke Student Government rejects restructuring plan

The Duke Student Government Senate failed to pass legislation lowering the number of senators and committees.

During its Wednesday meeting, the Senate passed a resolution stating that DSG supports
housing requirements based on the number of group executives living in section.

Duke Student Government offers compromise to housing quota guidelines

The resolution states that groups should be able to avoid the housing requirements by having three out of seven members of a group’s executive board live in section.

Mecklai, Guarco and Gavai victorious in DSG, SOFC elections

Junior Keizra Mecklai has been elected Duke Student Government President after a race against fellow junior Tucker Albert, with 60.67 percent of the total votes.

Keizra Mecklai elected DSG president

Duke Student Government election results were announced Tuesday at 11 p.m.

SOFC chair candidate Nikhil Gavai talks vision for balanced committee

"I see the SOFC chair as more of an advisor and a leader in that respect—not somebody that makes a decision themselves but someone who helps his or her committee members reach that decision."

SOFC chair candidate Apara Sivaraman maps out transparency goals

"I know all the bylaws and committee members very well, so I feel that there won’t be much of a learning curve for me as I take on the role."

John Guarco cites DSG experience in EVP race

"I think I can bring this experience and help the incoming freshmen next year, because the primary role of the EVP is to preside over the legislative process of the Senate and to ensure a smooth...

EVP candidate Shaker Samman discusses DSG changes ahead

"I really want to be EVP because I want to make us better as an organization, as a group, to better serve our peers, to better serve our own interests—we’re students as well—as well as everybody...

SOFC chair candidate Sanford Morton plans for efficient committee

"[SOFC is] interested in making it as equitable as possible, and we all have backgrounds in scenarios where things weren’t equitable, and we want that to not be the case on Duke’s campus."

Junior Tucker Albert is currently running for DSG president.

Albert aims to foster campus community

Currently DSG vice president for social culture, Albert is hoping to become the next DSG president in the March 3 election.

Junion Keizra Mecklai is currently running for DSG president.

Mecklai plans to make improvements in campus equity

Mecklai—a junior from Sacramento, Calif.—currently serves as the DSG vice president of equity and outreach.

Abhi Sanka discusses DSGRU at a September DSG meeting.

After being sidelined for legal concerns, DSG Research Unit returns

After being temporarily sidelined by questions of legality and privacy, the Duke Student Government Research Unit is back on its feet.

Juniors Tucker Albert and Keizra Mecklai have announced they are running for Duke Student Government president.

Albert, Mecklai announce DSG presidential campaigns

The election will be held March 3, and the elected candidate will replace current DSG President Lavanya Sunder, a junior.

Professor Susan Lozier and Vice President for Academic Affairs Ray Li lead a town hall discussion at Wednesday’s DSG meeting.

DSG supports funding of ER fees for sexual assault victims

Duke Student Government recommended that the University subsidize emergency room fees for victims of sexual assault.

The DSG executive board reiterated its support for the petition against the HDRL guidelines
requiring 30 percent of SLG and greek housing residents to be upperclassmen Wednesday.

DSG talks reducing size of Senate and executive board

Structural changes could be in store for the Duke Student Government Senate—but not the changes proposed two weeks ago.

Two DSG amendments to face referenda

Duke Student Government passed two constitutional amendments which will face referenda during the Spring election cycle.

Chronicle File Photo / Xirui Liu

DSG proposes changes to Senate election model

Proposals introduced at Wednesday's Duke Student Government meeting may mean major changes are in store for the Senate.

Lesley Chen-Young

DSG decharters 50 student groups

In its first meeting of the Spring 2015 semester, the DSG Senate voted on a statute to decharter 56 groups due to their failure to re-register or go through student group training during the Fall.

K-ville tenting to be monitored through new website

Krzyzewskiville tenting for the current basketball season will soon be monitored through a new, web-based platform.

DSG president reflects on semester highs and lows

"We’ve really done a lot this semester in terms of focusing our efforts on a number of projects expanding student life."

DSG passes resolution in support of DSGRU study methods

The Duke Student Government Research Unit will tackle questions regarding academics, residential life, social culture and more in their first year.

DSG supports academic links to Durham

The Senate passed the Durham Education Initiative Resolution, which expresses support for the creation of more Durham and regionally-oriented classes, and a FOCUS cluster centered exclusively...

Senators for Equity and Outreach introduce the identity representative program at the DSG meeting Wednesday evening.

'Identity representative' program to aid students in-house

Students struggling with issues of their identity may soon have a peer to turn to for support within their dormitories.

Executive Vice President Abhi Sanka addresses the DSG Senate at their meeting Wednesday, where a resolution was passed to support changing the name of the Women's Studies department.

DSG raises Student Activities Fee, supports Women's Studies name change

At a meeting Wednesday night, the Student Activities Fee was raised from $126.50 to $128.65 for the 2015-16 academic year.