N.C. early voting revealed as vulnerable to identity fraud

With North Carolina's new voter identification law poised to take effect in 2016, one nonprofit organization used the midterm elections to show that committing voter fraud is currently easier than...

N.C. becomes last state to give criminal defendants jury choice

This week, North Carolina voters approved a new constitutional amendment by a 54 to 43 percent vote, allowing defendants to choose the type of their trial.

Members of the Duke community voted at one-stop early voting stations in the Old Trinity Room during the 2012 elections.

Early voting turnout increases amid concerns over voter ID law

Some experts initially said that a 2013 bill limiting early voting would drive down voter turnout, but early voter turnout has increased across the state, with Democrats accounting for much of the...

The NC Latino Coalition organized an interfaith prayer vigil for immigration reform in Durham last year and has been organizing similar events throughout the 2014 U.S. Senate Campaigns. Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Latino Coalition.

Immigration reform a likely tipping point in Senate race

Immigration remains a hot-button issue in the North Carolina Senate election, as Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis face off today in what many have deemed a dead heat contest.

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Republicans challenge same-sex marriage, appeal Amendment One decision

Although state legislators were granted the ability to challenge the decision several days after the ruling, political observers have noted that a successful appeal is unlikely.

Experts offer advice for same sex-couples in wake of marriage legalization

Get Ready for Marriage North Carolina, an event hosted by Equality NC, offered legal and financial advice for those directly affected by the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in North Carolina

Durham celebrates first same-sex marriages

More than a dozen couples wed in downtown's Old Courthouse Monday—the first full day that North Carolina issued same-sex marriage licenses.

Last week, Speaker of the N.C. House Thom Tillis (left) released two campaign ads attacking incumbent Senator Kay Hagan (right) on her decisions concerning foreign policy crises in the Middle East.

Foreign policy rift emerges in Hagan-Tillis Senate race

Foreign affairs have taken center stage in North Carolina’s highly contentious U.S. Senate race—a shift from the social concerns that typically dominate senatorial elections.

GOP press secretary discusses race for NC Senate seat

"Voters in North Carolina could end up deciding whether it’s a Republican or Democrat-led senate."

First special needs charter school opens in North Carolina

This August, North Carolina’s first charter school for children with special needs opened in Raleigh, aiming to improve education for students with intellectual, social and developmental disabilities.

Planned Parenthood Votes, an organization that advocates for women’s health, recently announced a $500,000 ad-buy in North Carolina attacking Thom Tillis’ record on women’s issues.

Women's reproductive rights mark key issue in N.C. Senate race

A dramatic gender divide has the potential to influence one of the most tightly contested U.S. Senate races in the country.

Rev. William Barber, pictured holding microphone, is president of the N.C. NCAA and has been a leader in protests against new voting regulations that some say are hurting minorities.

Civil rights organizations mobilize to counter new voting restrictions

Fearing a decrease in voter turnout due to new voting regulations, organizations at Duke, in Durham and across North Carolina are mobilizing voters for the midterm elections this November.

Low teacher pay sets back N.C. education

With teacher salaries among the lowest in the country, North Carolina is watching its teachers leave the state—or decide not to go into teaching in the first place.

Allegations of voter fraud emerge in N.C.

A report showing potential evidence of voter fraud in North Carolina is fueling new flames in the debate on mandatory voter identification.

North Carolina population on the rise since 2010

People are flying to the state that was first in flight.

UNC alerts students to armed person on or near campus

All campus and classroom activities are temporarily suspended because an armed person is on or near campus

Health care becomes centerpiece of U.S. Senate race

The U.S. Senate race out of North Carolina is tightening as Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Thom Tillis battle over health care.

Civil rights organizations rally against discrimination in N.C. public schools

A coalition of civil rights organizations filed a complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice demanding an investigation of discriminatory enrollment measures at NC public schools.

Gov. Pat McCrory announced his intentions to raise starting teacher pay by 14 percent this month.

Educators critique McCrory's teacher pay initiative

Gov. Pat McCrory has taken initiative to pay public school teachers more, but some educators say he is not going far enough to retain teachers.

A piece of anti-abortion legislation has been terminated.

"Choose Life" license plates struck down by Circuit Court

North Carolina has terminated a piece of anti-abortion legislation, just over two years after it was passed into law.

A panel discussion was held with Duke faculty and students after the screening of 
“Section 5.”

Reggie Day examines racial justice through NC laws

As debate over voter identification laws persists in North Carolina, a lecture series put on by the Reginaldo Howard Scholarship Program hopes to bring racial justice to the table.

Slews gather for Moral March protest of N.C. policies

A crowd of nearly 100,000—including Duke students—protested recent North Carolina policy changes in downtown Raleigh Saturday, a culmination of last year's popular Moral Monday protests.

Unemployment rate in North Carolina drops to 6.9 percent

The unemployment rate in North Carolina plummeted in 2013, a trend mirrored in Duke’s hiring.

Charter schools on rise in NC

Durham County will be adding its 11th charter school in August, contributing to a recent surge in area charter schools that has drawn concern from local public school officials.

Unions push to raise NC clout

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is directing its attention to the South.