Former Bogota mayor and Duke alum creates urban change

Enrique Peñalosa, Duke '78 and former mayor of Bogotá, shared his vision for creating a more democratic society through rethinking urban spaces.

Doctor with Duke ties fatally shot

A doctor who died Tuesday following a shooting at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston had ties to Duke.

Veterans' treatment court proposed for Durham

Although state lawmakers have cut funding for drug treatment courts, legal aid and family courts in the years following the recession, there is recent momentum for special services for veterans,

Professor uncovers evidence of gerrymandering in N.C.

Following a recent Duke study which calls into question the fairness of North Carolina’s elections, some politicians are looking to introduce legislate to correct the issues.

Duke students arrested in local demonstration

A number of Duke students were among those arrested Friday night in a downtown protest reacting to recent national conversations on police violence and race relations.

A protestor holds a sign at the East Campus bus stop, where a student march ended Monday night and the participants gathered to sing and chant.

Students march to protest Ferguson decision (Video)

Chanting slogans such as “stand up, fight back,” “black lives matter, our lives matter” and “no justice, no peace, no racist police,” the march echoed protests held across the nation Monday...

'The future is unknowable': famed journalists talk state of media

Three journalists of different stripes analyzed the media’s role in November’s midterm elections and presented their views for the future of political journalism during Saturday's Zeidman...

Gen. Douglas M. Fraser, former commander in chief of the U.S. Southern Command, speaks at the Sanford School of Public Policy.

Military general talks Latin American security issues

Gen. Douglas M. Fraser, former commander in chief of the U.S. Southern Command, spoke at the Sanford School of Public Policy Wednesday evening about foreign policy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

'You can tell the story either way': journalist on Israel-Palestine conflict

In light of the increasing tension between Israeli and Palestine this summer, Ethan Bronner, deputy national editor of The New York Times, discussed the crisis and its implications at the Sanford...

N.C. early voting revealed as vulnerable to identity fraud

With North Carolina's new voter identification law poised to take effect in 2016, one nonprofit organization used the midterm elections to show that committing voter fraud is currently easier than...

N.C. becomes last state to give criminal defendants jury choice

This week, North Carolina voters approved a new constitutional amendment by a 54 to 43 percent vote, allowing defendants to choose the type of their trial.

New voting laws present confusion at the polls

A number of students and local residents were turned away from voting locations on Election Day, due in part to the voting laws passed last year eliminating out-of-precinct voting and same-day...

Butterfield retains House seat in landslide victory

Butterfield won re-election in the 1st Congressional District of North Carolina—which encompasses part of Durham County, including Duke—with 73 percent of the vote against Republican challenger...

'We have swept the nation': Tillis takes Hagan's Senate seat in GOP triumph

Republican Thom Tillis narrowly defeated Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan in the race for North Carolina's Senate seat as the GOP took control of Congress in the midterm elections.

Members of the Duke community voted at one-stop early voting stations in the Old Trinity Room during the 2012 elections.

Early voting turnout increases amid concerns over voter ID law

Some experts initially said that a 2013 bill limiting early voting would drive down voter turnout, but early voter turnout has increased across the state, with Democrats accounting for much of the...

Durham pharm. company tests potential Ebola treatment

The drug, called brincidofovir, has powerful antiviral characteristics and can be used safely through orally administered doses.

The NC Latino Coalition organized an interfaith prayer vigil for immigration reform in Durham last year and has been organizing similar events throughout the 2014 U.S. Senate Campaigns. Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Latino Coalition.

Immigration reform a likely tipping point in Senate race

Immigration remains a hot-button issue in the North Carolina Senate election, as Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis face off today in what many have deemed a dead heat contest.

Public education cuts add fuel to Senate race

North Carolina is now ranked among the states that have cut the most in per-pupil spending over the past seven years, according to a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ report released in October.

Gang violence contributes to increase in Durham crime

Durham saw a 30 percent increase in violent crime in the first half of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

Monster’s Ball will take place on Ninth Street this year as a rival to Franklin Street festivities in Chapel Hill.

Monster's Ball: a Halloween 'reflection of what Durham is'

Monster’s Ball—an idea conceived by Durham-residents Jeff Johnson and King Kenney in 2008 and temporarily put on hold in 2011—is returning to Ninth Street this year.

Special to The Chronicle / NC Department of Transportation

Republicans challenge same-sex marriage, appeal Amendment One decision

Although state legislators were granted the ability to challenge the decision several days after the ruling, political observers have noted that a successful appeal is unlikely.

A seat on the N.C. Court of Appeals, pictured above, is being contested by 19 different candidates.

With 19 candidates running, N.C. Court of Appeals ballot atypically full

In an unusually tight race, 19 candidates are currently vying for the one seat available on North Carolina's Court of Appeals.

Inform your vote: a guide to the 2014 U.S. House of Representatives election

Democrat G.K. Butterfield is seeking a sixth consecutive term against Republican Arthur Rich, who has never held public office.

Inform your vote: a guide to the 2014 U.S. Senate election

With less than a week until Election Day, take a look at how the two candidates stack up on key issues.

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3,100 students implicated in UNC academic scandal

An eight-month investigation into the academic scandal at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill revealed that the university’s “shadow curriculum” benefited more than 3,000 students—many of...