Duke joins national initiative to combat antibiotic resistance

President Barack Obama's calls for national efforts to fight antibiotic resistance are being met by researchers and physicians in Duke hospitals.

Mars One finalist Kaye defends program in face of criticism

Following criticism that Mars One’s mission to the Red Planet may not be written in the stars, senior Laurel Kaye defends the mission’s validity.

Duke researchers engineer polio virus for cancer treatment

The Chronicle’s Abigail Xie spoke with Annick Desjardins about what this new study might mean—and what it might not.

Southern drawl on the decline in N.C., research shows

New research shows that the well-known Southern drawl is slowly disappearing in North Carolina.

Experts look to change biomedical programs in response to limited funding

Changes in federal funding have forced Duke and universities around the country to reevaluate how biomedical research is conducted at the university level.

President Barack Obama has requested a $1 billion increase in the NIH’s budget for the fiscal year 2016, which translates to a
3.3 percent increase in funding.

Duke researchers look ahead to NIH funding increase after years of budget cuts

President Barack Obama has requested a $1 billion increase in the NIH’s budget for the fiscal year 2016

Alcohol: 'a significant issue everywhere'

Initiatives to assist students in recovering from alcohol addiction are becoming increasingly common in universities throughout the country.

Brain markers linked to risk of depression, researchers find

Certain markers in the brain can predict an individual’s risk of developing depression and anxiety, Duke researchers have found.

Duke women in STEM battle the gap

With a recent study showing that popular stereotypes—rather than lack of ability— may be responsible for the gender gap in certain fields, Duke women note that females in STEM fields face a variety...

Researchers break ground with growth of muscle tissue

Researchers at the Bursac lab have grown the first contracting muscle tissue, creating new possibilities for drug and medical testing.

Southerners among lowest in AIDS survival rates

Among those that are HIV-positive or have AIDS, southerners have the lowest five-year survival rates, Duke research finds.

Faculty fight drug resistance with software

A computer program developed at Duke has become the latest weapon in the war on drug-resistant bacteria.

Graphic by Thu Nguyen

A new chancellor: Washington to fill Dzau's shoes after nationwide search

Dr. A. Eugene Washington has been selected as the next chancellor for health affairs and president and CEO of Duke University Health System after a nine-month search to fill the position.

Duke Names New Health System Chancellor

Dr. A. Eugene Washington has been selected as the next Chancellor for Health Affairs after a nine month search to fill the position.

Blake Wilson serves as the co-director of the Duke Hearing Center, which is housed within Duke Hospital, pictured above, and is home to research and development of treatments for hearing loss.

Cochlear implant work earns professor top bioengineering award

Duke professor Blake Wilson is the winner of the 2015 Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize for his work with cochlear implants, the National Academy of Engineering announced Wednesday.

The search for the new chancellor of the Duke University Health System is underway.

DUHS chancellor search aims to wrap in early 2015

According to a letter sent by President Richard Brodhead to the Duke community in April, the University’s goal is to have a new chancellor in place by early 2015.

Five Duke faculty receive approval to travel to Liberia

Five Duke faculty members have received approval for research in Liberia, despite travel restrictions to the country due to the Ebola virus.

'This is her school': Connie Simmons to retire in January

After more than three decades at the Pratt School of Engineering—and a legacy of mentorship and commitment to her students—Connie Simmons, associate dean for undergraduate affairs, will retire in...

Duke doctors forgo shaving to raise men's health awareness

The razors of a group of Duke doctors have come out to officially conclude the fundraising of No Shave November.

Early student testing probed by Duke researchers' pilot program

In collaboration with the federal Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge, some Duke researchers are piloting a program to answer, "How young is too young to test?"

Junior talks Ebola Innovation Challenge, future of disease

"I thought this challenge would be a great way to learn about the issue but also develop an innovative idea."

Mental health on campus: not a level playing field

Although the separate issues of mental health and equity are often at the forefront of dialogue at Duke, several groups suggest that the two are more intertwined than some might think.

Jovian, pictured above, died at the age of 20 after starring as Zoboomafoo in the eponymous television show.

Lemur star of Zoboomafoo remembered as playful and caring

For the Duke Lemur Center, the death of Jovian—a Coquerel’s sifaka who called the center home for 20 years—meant the loss of a lemur praised for his kindness and spirit.

From keys to glasses, students showcase work at 3-D Printing Challenge

Students competing in the second inaugural 3-D Printing Challenge showcased their models to judges in an exposition Tuesday night.

The new Student Health and Wellness Center, the plans for which are pictured above, may feature holistic services such as acupuncture when it opens in 2016.

Acupuncture considered for new Wellness Center treatment

As planning continues for the new Student Health and Wellness Center, Duke is considering how best to integrate alternative and holistic medical options.