'If you're so smart, why are you so sick?'

"If you're so smart, why are you so sick?” reads a poster in many campus restrooms. Ignoring the problematic insinuation that lower intelligence directly correlates to pathogen susceptibility, the...

Alleviating the burden of weather

Students are becoming accustomed to receiving Duke Alerts at the first sign of rough weather conditions, and many began to wonder how long it would be before phones started to buzz as snow fell on...

Mental health awareness month

Discussions of mental health reverberate across campus as February spotlights Duke’s first ever Mental Health Awareness Month.

FERPA wisely

Last month, a group of Stanford students publicized a discovery that FERPA rights can be invoked by students to gain access to their admissions files, complete with comments and evaluation.

Our unofficial class

Between tenting and rush, the beginning of the semester can be just as busy as the academic crescendo at the end of it.

Declare your major for the right reasons

The deadline for sophomores to declare their majors looms as March 6 draws nearer, raising questions like “Is this major enough?” or “Should I declare something else?”

Current alcohol policies misguided

As peer institutions reinvent their alcohol policy, Duke continues to stand by its rules restricting the undergraduate drinking culture.

A moment of pause for the lives of three

This past Wednesday morning, with the air frigid, the clouds bleak and the wind rough, we woke to a heart-rending tragedy.

Crediting Duke's curriculum changes

Until last Thursday, students were required to take 17 Duke courses out of their 34 total courses for graduation.

DKU needs leaders and a vision

After a series of setbacks and delays, Duke’s global venture at Duke Kunshan University is at last beginning to plant its roots.

Governor misses value of humanities

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory recently took to the press to lambast the humanities and liberal arts education.

Expand Duke's female faculty

According to a recent study reported on by The New York Times, male professors are more likely to be perceived as “brilliant,” whereas their female counterparts are cast negatively.

Town-gown relations

Durham neighborhood associations are urging Duke administrators and city officials to actively investigate several student-occupied houses near campus.

The search for truth

The Wisconsin state government’s recent discussion about removing “the search for truth” from the mission statement of its state university system is deeply misguided but not surprising.

Reflecting on Me Too

The refrain “Me Too” will echo not just across Duke’s campus this weekend, but also college campuses nationwide.

Young Trustee Endorsement

It is Young Trustee season again, which also means it is endorsement season.

Divest and divulge

Last Tuesday, the administration rejected Divest Duke’s proposal to remove investments from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies.

Applauding the minimum wage increase

Beginning in July, the minimum wage for regular employees of the University will increase from $10.91 to $12.00, boosting the hourly wage of roughly 400 regular employees.

New housing policy poses risks

Opting into a selective living group might mean you can never leave.

Reclaim failure

Business suits and interview folios descend upon campus as the most recent interview season begins—this one largely for summer consulting and finance positions.

Applauding DSG's efforts

Last week, Duke Student Government introduced four proposals that could alter the landscape of its elections and internal organization.

Popular economics

As the George Bernard Shaw quip goes, all the economists in the world lined up end-to-end still would not reach a conclusion.

Do scholarships have merit?

By offering merit-based scholarships, Duke stands as an outlier among the nation’s elite universities.

An ambiguous decision

In yesterday’s editorial, we discussed the reversal of Duke’s decision to hold a weekly adhan, or call to prayer for the Muslim community, from atop the Chapel.

Duke's prerogative

Last week, Duke announced and then reversed a decision to allow the Muslim Students’ Association to hold a weekly adhan, or call to prayer, amplified from the top of the Chapel.