Senior Columns


Space (or something like it)

By Anna Koelsch

I wanted to give justice to my four years here in 800 words.


Love and a sassy poodle

By Ashley Mooney

The past eight years of my life have been wildly dynamic.


What I could not predict

By Julia May

By my senior year of high school, I had been to Duke to visit my sisters numerous times, and as a result, I had spent far more time at Duke than at any other school I was considering.


Round 2

By Julian Spector

One recent morning, when I awoke from troubled dreams, I found myself transplanted into the cool dawn air of a desert.


How I loved Duke

By Lauren Carroll

For most of my four years, I was always in reporter mode.


Lending a helping hand

By Sophia Palenberg

My first homecoming of sorts came freshman year when my family helped me haul my suitcase across the Atlantic from our compact London apartment into an equally compact Randolph 212.


To my sister, future member, class of 2018

By Lillie Reed

“Duke is the only school where I know students who’ve graduated who absolutely hated it.”

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Editor's Note, 4/10

By Kathy Zhou

I’m learning to be patient enough to cultivate the story I want.

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Editor's Note, 4/3

By Prashanth Kamalakanthan

Has college become an education in isolation?


Baby steps

By Yeshwanth Kandimalla

Five years ago, I was sitting in my high school Spanish class as my teacher, one of my best, began his usual controversial monologue intended to get a rise out of students and spark a discussion.


The chimes at midnight

By Andrew Beaton

Goodbye, Duke.


The Chronicle: A love story

By Elizabeth Bray

Soon enough, I found myself sinking into one of the many plush, suede couches in 301 Flowers.


The unknown

By Kelly Scurry

This column forces me to come to terms with the fact that I am graduating from college and one step closer to entering the real world and unequivocally being an adult.


What Shooters taught me

By Scott Briggs

Graduating from high school, I was uniquely average by Duke standards, juggling academics, varsity sports, service organizations and the school newspaper.


My snapshot of Duke

By Thanh-Ha Nguyen

If you asked anyone I have spoken to in the last week about this column, you would understand how difficult it was for me to choose a topic.


Dear Jessie

By Danny Nolan

Dear Jessie, I thought about what I wanted to write my final senior column on for a long time.

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Editor's Note, 3/20

By MC Bousquette

If I choose to use only my own words to communicate how I feel right now and what I wish to share with you, I would fall far short of my intent.


Tuesdays With Gretzky

By Lucas Hubbard

If you’ll excuse me, I think I hear the Zamboni warming up.