Editorial Board

In 2006, The Chronicle moved to make its editorial board independent of the editorial staff at the paper. Today, the editor-in-chief, editorial page editor, former editor-in-chief and between 10 and 15 voting members sit on the board. Members cannot be in a major student body leadership position during their time on the board without consultation with the board’s Chairperson. Board members are also explicitly prohibited from writing or editing other daily or weekly sections of The Chronicle.

The mission of the editorial board is to enrich campus dialogue by offering thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues; to hold students, faculty and administrators publicly accountable for their statements and actions; and to help students sharpen their journalistic and writing skills. Board members must show a breadth and depth of knowledge, experiences and perspectives to contribute to the board’s discussions of five editorials each week. The unsigned editorials are written anonymously by one voting member and based on the consensus of the board’s discussion.

In an effort to be transparent, the names and brief biographies of the Board’s chairperson and current members are posted below.

Members of the 2017-2018 Editorial Board

Alan Ko, Editorial Board Chair/Editor. Alan is a Trinity junior and currently serves as the co-chair of the Editorial Board for the 113th volume of The Chronicle. He is a history major and hails from northern New Jersey. Other than serving on the Editorial Board, he is a reserve foilist on Duke’s fencing team, and works the service desk at Perkins Library. In his free time, he enjoys listening to vintage tunes on his Spotify and surfing the web for potential editorial topics.

Sydney Roberts, Editorial Board Chair/Editor. Sydney is a Trinity junior from Oregon majoring in Literature with a certificate in Marxism and Society. They are a contributor to Duke’s satirical publication Department Of, an Undergraduate Writing Tutor and a member of the Political Leadership Council for Duke’s Center for Politics, Leadership, Innovation and Service. Sydney spends their free time involved with campus activism and exploring the local food scene.

Eren E. Bagis, Editorial Board Member. Eren E. Bagis is a prospective Political Science major from Istanbul, Turkey. He is also interested in Arabic. As a Turkish-American, born in New Jersey, Eren has academic and intellectual interests that center around foreign policy  and international security. On campus, Eren is involved in the American  Grand Strategy program and the Alexander Hamilton Society, and he also  takes part in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club.

Surabhi Beriwal, Editorial Board Member. Surabhi is a Trinity senior from Pittsburgh, Pa. She is a math major pursuing a pre-health track. She is an East Campus Resident Assistant, works in the Thompson Writing Studio and leads her Indian dance team, Rhydhun. In her free time, Surabhi enjoys Duke basketball, spoken word poetry, Taekwondo and trying new foods. Surabhi served as the chair of the board her junior year.

Theo Cai, Editorial Board Member. Theo  is a Trinity freshman from Dallas, T.X. He intends on majoring in  Environmental Science and Policy with a possible minor in Theater  Studies. At Duke, he works as a Student Programming Assistant at the Center for Sexual and Gender  Diversity and currently serves as interim Treasurer for Asian and  Pacific Islander Queers (APIQ), a student group on campus. In his free  time, he loves to write poetry and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Maram Elnagheeb, Editorial Board Member. Maram is a Trinity sophomore at Duke from Charlotte, N.C., majoring in public policy, political science, and/or sociology. Her  main interests lie  in advocacy and journalism. She is involved with  Duke Student Government as a Senator of Equity and Outreach and Duke’s  Center for Race Relations as a Director of Dialogue. She is also a content creator and editor for The Bridge. She is a music fanatic, a lover of dance, and a big foodie. 

Robert Ha, Editorial Board Member.  Robbie is a Trinity sophomore from Seattle, Wash., studying  Computer Science and Public Policy. Outside of the Editorial Board, he is a Resident Assistant for East Campus and a violinist for Hoof ‘n’ Horn.  He is also a featured writer for Deliberations. In his free time, Robbie enjoys listening to David Bowie and shopping at T.J. Maxx.

Maggie Hom, Editorial Board Member. Maggie is a senior studying public policy and international comparative studies in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. She is from Brooklyn, N.Y. and is an active member of her sorority and the Community Empowerment Fund on campus. In her free time, she enjoys watching the Food Network, Guy Fieri and trying to get a job.

Zhong Huang, Editorial Board Member, is a junior hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, majoring in sociology,  with an interest in applied healthcare policy. Within the Editorial  Board, he works to represent Asian-American perspectives, and is particularly interested in intersections between race and society. At Duke, he is involved in the Hart Leadership Program, computational  genetics research, and swing dancing. In his remaining time, he enjoys  poor puns and short naps.  

Tyjair Sadler, Editorial Board Member. Tyjair is a Trinity junior from Atlanta, GA. He intends to obtain a double major in public policy and neuroscience. As the president of Sherwood House of Craven dorm, Tyjair is dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming environments for all his residents. He is also a member of the Cardea Fellows. In his spare time, Tyjair loves to read, work out and discover music.

Nicholas Simmons, Editorial Board Member. Nick is a Trinity sophomore from Winston-Salem, N.C., majoring in English with an education minor. Beyond Editorial Board, he works at the Perkins Library service desk and with Team Kenan at the Kenan Institute of Ethics. Nick enjoys running, reading, going to the Durham Farmer’s Market and watching Vine compilations in his free time. 

Hannah Wang, Editorial Board Member. Hannah is a Trinity junior from Charlotte, N.C. double majoring in Political Science and Music. Outside of the Board, she is involved in leading the Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit and Duke Asian American Theater. In her spare time, she enjoys composing, making piano covers of rap songs, Zumba and late-night philosophical debates.

Claire Ballentine, ex-officio non-voting member. Claire is a Trinity junior from Gatlinburg, Tenn. majoring in sociology with a certificate in policy journalism and media studies. She was the Editor-in-Chief of The Chronicle for its 112th volume, and currently serves as the editor for the Towerview section of The Chronicle. In her spare time, she loves running and watching movies in theaters.

Likhitha Butchireddygari, ex-officio non-voting member. Likhitha is a Trinity junior from Maryland. She serves as the current Editor-in-Chief for the 113th of The Chronicle.