It began with a dream. And cream puffz.

Former Duke basketball player Brian Zoubek behind the register and talking with customers at Dream Puffz, his cream puff shop in N.J. (Photo credit: Daniel Carp/The Chronicle)

But Brian Zoubek's shop "Dream Puffz" in Haddonfield, N.J. is no more, the former Duke basketball center announced on Twitter and Facebook today.

"After much contemplation, I have decided to close Dream Puffz to follow my growing interest in real estate and pursue another business opportunities," Zoubek wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning. "It was an honor to open the business in the community and I look forward to remaining an entrepreneur."

In the post, Zoubek said the shop sold more than 100,000 cream puffz, and that he has "been presented with a terrific real estate opportunity that will require my full attention."

Zoubek began the project in May 2012, announcing his desire to build the shop in his home town of Haddonfield.

The shop opened July 30 amid a lot of fan fare, selling out every day of the first week.

Then, when Duke basketball played Temple at the nearby Izod Center in N.J., Zoubek brought members of the team Dream Puffz.

Oh, and having tasted them, they were pretty damn dreamy.