In today's edition of the Duke Basketball Report, Bob Harris' radio show with Mike Krzyzewski, the pair took a step back from basketball to discuss the football team, which is playing in its first bowl game in 18 years tonight.

Duke and Cincinnati will kick off at 6:30 p.m. in Charlotte for the Belk Bowl.

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Here are some of the best quotes from Coach K on the Blue Devil football team, the bowl game and head coach David Cutcliffe.

On the importance of making the bowl game:

It's not just a big day for Duke football, it's a big day for Duke University. I think we're definitely on the right track.

On the coaching staff:

I think the job coach Cutcliffe and the staff have done—along with teaming up with our athletic director Kevin White and our school, our school our department and our football program—they've all made a commitment to excellence in our football program and it has shown good signs. Tonight is a very visible sign.

On the timing and location of the game:

It's the only game in town. That's a cool thing. All the bowls, there could be four of them on one night, but we're the attraction tonight.

On the importance of winning

I hope it's well attended. We're going to love that. The other thing is I'd like to see us win. Going to a bowl game is great, but winning a bowl game puts a different kind of stamp on that. I know these kids and their staff are ready to do that.

On his team watching the game:

We're not going to be there because we're practicing but we're going to get the whole team together and watch the game together and cheer together. Hopefully they can come through.

On whether this is comparable to going to the Final Four

I wouldn't say this bowl is going to a Final Four. I'd say a BCS bowl would be going to the Final Four. But this is getting into the tournament—it's a step. You have to be careful and know that this is just a step because you want bigger things. In order to get bigger things, this is a bigger thing to get that. I remember when we first got to the tournament, you're happy to be in the tournament. Then all of a sudden you're not happy being in the tournament anymore, you want more. The sooner you can want more the better.