Mike Krzyzewski has an extensive military history, having played his college ball at Army from 1966-1969 and coaching there from 1975-1980. Now, the entire Blue Devil men's basketball team will get a small taste of army life.

Duke announced yesterday that the team will be holding practice at Fort Bragg October 15. The team will be staying in theĀ  barracks October 14 to get a true taste of what military training is like.

"It will be a unique experience for our guys to go through PT and the obstacle courses," Krzyzewski told goduke.com. "We are looking forward to the training session as well as practicing in front of the military personnel."

The team will join 20 soldiers from Fort Bragg in the morning formations, flag raising, and physical training, which includes stretching, pushups, situps, and a two-mile run. After conquering the obstacle course, the Blue Devils will then hold an indoor practice, the last hour of which will be open to military personnel.