As the Blue Devils take on Florida International in their season-opener Saturday night, Duke released its first weekly injury report of the season. Here's a rundown of the players are listed on the injury report this week:


DE Kenny Anunike (leg)

DE Jordan DeWalt-Ondijo (leg)


S Anthony Young-Wiseman (leg)


DE Jonathan Woodruff (leg)


CB Jared Boyd (leg)

LB Kelby Brown (leg)

NG Jamal Bruce (foot)

S Jordon Byas (leg)

TE Braxton Deaver (leg)

LB Britton Grier (hand)

TE Jack Farrell (leg)

OG Lucas Patrick (ankle)


WR Blair Holliday

DE Allen Jackson (shoulder)

S Taylor Sowell (leg)

Breakdown: Overall, there aren't many surprises in this week's injury report. The Blue Devils have a laundry list of players that won't be suiting up for Saturday's game against the Golden Panthers, as the team has been plagued by injuries all summer, most notably major injuries to potential playmakers Blair Holliday and Braxton Deaver. There are two listings of probable along the defensive line with Kenny Anunike and Jordan DeWalt-Ondijo, which should be strictly precautionary, especially since Anunike spent the offseason recovering from major knee surgery.

Try not to read too much into the names at the top of the list–there are players that spend entire seasons listed as probable–but the Blue Devils will be entering their season-opener relatively short-handed due to so many injuries. Even listed as questionable, Anthony Young-Wiseman will try his hardest to see the field for Duke's first game, and it's likely the Blue Devils will be cautious with Jonathan Woodruff to prevent more injuries from occurring, specifically on the defensive side of the football.