Texas women's basketball head coach Gail Goestenkors resigned Monday, relinquishing the post she held for five seasons. Goestenkors was previously the head coach at Duke, preceding current head coach Joanne P. McCallie.

While at the helm for the Blue Devils, Goestenkors took Duke to four Final Fours and two championship games, although she never brought home a national title.

She failed to find similar success with the Longhorns, however. While her teams made the NCAA tournament in all five of her years there, they failed to advance past the first round in each of the last four seasons. Ninth-seeded Texas lost Saturday in the opening round, falling to West Virginia 68-55.

In Goestenkors' press conference today, she stated she is not leaving Texas, rather taking a break from the sport of basketball.

But, the head coach also took the time to talk about her decision to leave Duke for Texas when she received a large contract to bolt to Austin:

I never came here for the money. People always talk about making a million dollars. I was offered a million dollars to stay at Duke, so it wasn’t the money. I had eight years until retirement when I was at Duke. So for people who think that it was about the money, they do not know me at all. It was about a new challenge. It was about a new opportunity.

To read her entire press conference transcript, check out TexasSports.com.