Syracuse and Pittsburgh will bring more than just two elite basketball programs when they join the ACC.

Sports Business Journal reported today that each conference school is likely to receive $1-2 million in increased yearly revenue as ESPN and the ACC work to renegotiate its television deal. The current deal was agreed upon in 2010 and took effect during the current academic year.

The conference's current deal is for 12 years and $1.86 billion, which pays out about $13 million to each school on an annual basis. In comparison, Pac-12 and Big Ten schools earn approximately $21 million annually, while SEC and Big 12 members earn an average of $17 million and $15 million, respectively.

Big East commissioner John Marinatto has said that his conference plans on enforcing its regulations, which require three years of notice before a school can shift conferences. Under this scenario, Syracuse and Pittsburgh will not join the ACC until the 2014-15 season.