Do you want to buy Duke basketball tickets? Better start saving up.

SeatGeek, an online ticket marketplace, recently reported on the most expensive tickets in college basketball. A ticket to see the Blue Devils play topped the site's list, costing an average of $228.28 in the secondary ticket marketplace. Not surprisingly, the top of the list is littered with the NCAA's marquee teams. Kentucky, the NCAA's winningest program, is a close second to Duke—the average cost for a seat in Rupp Arena is only $10 less than for one in Cameron. Those two teams shouldn't be a surprise. Both teams have enormous, loyal fan bases.

After Kentucky, there's a big drop to Tennessee, the third most expensive seats, but the big surprise comes with the rest of the top ten. While many national media outlets bemoan the fact that the ACC has become a two-team conference, it has five of the top nine most demanded tickets. Even more surprising: North Carolina, which currently sits at No. 1 in the USA Today Coaches' Poll, has the fourth-most demanded tickets in the ACC. Georgia Tech, which hired Brian Gregory after a miserable 13-18 season is fourth, ahead of most of college basketball's blue bloods. Maryland, which hasn't made it past the NCAA tournament's first weekend since 2003 and faces a rebuilding challenge after losing longtime coach Gary Williams, sits in sixth. Despite their projected success, the Tarheels' tickets only cost eighth-most.