Get your remote controls ready - Duke basketball is coming back to television early this year.

Three of the Blue Devils' games on their upcoming trip to China and Dubai will be shown by ESPNU and, according to a press release on After their first game against the Chinese Olympic team in Kunshan on August 17, Duke's next three games on August 18, 22 and 25 will all be shown with the capability of reaching as many as 195 countries and  275 million households. The first two of those games are in Shanghai and Beijing facing the Chinese Olympic team, while the final one in Dubai is against the United Arab Emirates national team.

ESPNU is ESPN's college sports channel, while is their live-streaming website.

But wait, there's more: according to the press release, Intersport will be traveling with the Blue Devils throughout the trip to create an hour-long documentary to be televised later in the season. Intersport assisted in negotiating the airing of the games on the ESPN family of networks, and per its website is, "an award-winning innovator and leader in the creation of sports and entertainment based marketing platforms."

Their trip, which begins on August 14, kicks off in Kunshan where Duke is building a new 200-acre campus and concludes in Dubai, where they will help open another Fuqua campus.

Note: the original post contained a link to the wrong Intersport, we apologize for the error.