A new website claims to be able to predict what your next Tweet will be. We're not sure how—by magic, possibly.

We decided to try it out on the Twitter accounts of some prominent Dukies. First up, Mr. @ndotsmitty:

Not bad. It definitely encompasses two of the most notable features of Smith's Twitter account: the "lol" and the exclamation point.

How about Kyrie Irving?

Yes, Irving does enjoy Tweeting about his workouts, as well as his home state of New Jersey. Another solid effort by the website.

What say you, David Cutcliffe?

This is a bit more jumbled than the first two. And potentially misleading—I highly doubt that Cutcliffe's notoriously hard practices resemble in any way a Spring Break trip.

Okay, your turn Joanne P. McCallie:

"Beautiful day at YOU!"? Maybe this program doesn't work very well after all.