As in every rivalry in sports, there tends to be some absurdity. We are of the opinion that the absurdity is best shown as topics on fan message boards.

So in the spirit of The Awl's "Listicles Without Commentary," we are proud to present the 15 strangest, yet most illuminating, topics being discussed today on The Devil's Den, Inside Carolina and Duke Basketball Report.

1. Battier's presidential aspirations in doubt?

2. Happy Cast Removal Day

3. Top 10 Reasons for Attending the Univ. of New Jersey at Durham

4. Who is the biggest dbag to play at Carolina?

5. Watching In Myrtle Beach?

6. Just a thought about Kelly..and how he could big tomorrow

7. Does Barnes fold or thrive in cameron indoor

8. Roy and the players look SOO much more relaxed

9. Kyrie, rehab, and the rest of that stuff

10. WRAL: Holden Thorp pwns dook* on twitter

11. Techno Coolness Before the UNC game?

12. Countdown! AHHHHHH!

13. OVer/Under Flops

14. how is giving a kidney to a player not against the NCAA rules?

15. Floor slap